Favorite Drugstore Nude Lipsticks

A couple of months ago I did a blogpost on my eleven favorite nude lipsticks. They were all high end, so I decided to do a part two, with only drugstore lipsticks. Eleven stunning nude lipsticks and super affordable! If you are looking for the perfect nude lipstick and don’t want to spend a lot of money or if you are a make-upjunkie like me and need a great excuse to stock up, then keep on reading!

Before I go into each lipstick individually I will give you a quick overview of the ones I will review in this blogpost. That way, if a specific color or brand has your interest you can skip to the number I gave that lipstick. (The numbering is random by the way.) The lipsticks retail for 2 to 15 dollars/euro’s. I’ve linked every shade, in case your are interested in getting any of the lipsticks! I’ve tried to link both Dutch and international websites. Some are affiliates. All are the best deals I could find!

  1. Milani – Nude Cream 26
  2. L’oreal – Color Riche 630
  3. NYX – Thalia 529
  4. Milani – Matte Naked 61
  5. Rimmel – by Kate 45
  6. Rimmel – Better & Brighter 700
  7. Makeup Revolution – The One
  8. Max Factor – Simply Nude 725
  9. Revlon – Smokey Rose 245
  10. ELF Need it Nudes – Night
  11. ELF Need it Nudes – Day

I took the pictures below throughout the day so the lighting changes a bit from picture to picture (sorry: momlife!) Just click on the pictures if you want a closer look (they are not linked). The colors are still very true to the lipstick shades.

Milani Nude Cream1. Milani – Nude Cream 26

I love this lipstick! The color is stunning, sure. But the smell and taste.. o my gosh! Okay, so I know you’re not supposed to eat your lipstick, but it’s going to end up in your mouth one way or the other and when it does it’s nice when it doesn’t taste like a YSL lipstick but a delicious, sweet piece of candy. The color is a lovely soft pink nude. It is a cream formula with a slight sheen, but very pigmented and quite long lasting. It retails for €9 in the Netherlands. Dutchies, get it here! If you don’t live in the Netherlands: get it on amazon.


L'oreal Color Riche 2. L’oreal – Color Riche 630

This L’oreal color Riche lipstick, in the shade 630 Beige a Nu, is the first drugstore lipstick I bought. It is a little bit of a darker nude, with a pink undertone. The formula is creamy and feels very high end. It is a beautiful lipstick: amazing quality and lovely, everyday color that can also be worn for a night out. It retails for €14 euro’s in the Netherlands. Dutchies, get it here! Or get it on Amazon.


NYX Nude Thalia3. NYX – Thalia 529

This is my least favorite nude drugstore lipstick. But I did want to mention it, because I do love NYX as a brand, it is super affordable and the color is very nice. It is a little bit of a darker nude with a purple undertone. This would look stunning if you have a deeper skin tone. The only thing is: it tastes horrible. It doesn’t smell nice either. But for €4 it is a great lipstick to throw in your purse, bring on a night out or on holiday. Dutchies, get it here!


Miliani Matte Naked4. Milani – Matte Naked 61

You can’t go wrong with Milani. This matte lipstick looks like a matte liquid lipstick on your lips. But it doesn’t feel as drying as most matte liquid lipsticks: it’s very hydrating! It’s quite long wearing. The color is amazing. It’s darker than the nude cream and has a purple undertone. This is an absolute must-have. It retails for €7,50. You can get it here, Dutchies. Or on Amazon.


Rimmel Kate5. Rimmel – by Kate 45

This lipstick from Rimmel by Kate, in the shade 45, is described as having a lasting finish. I think the 8 hour claim is a bit bold, but it is a beautiful pinky nude. Quite similar to the Milani nude cream, but the formula is different: more sheer and shiny. It has a distinct smell and taste, that isn’t bad, but also not great. For €10 this is a lovely drugstore lipstick in a shade that cannot be missing from your collection. Dutchies, get it here! For my internationals, click here!



Rimmel Nude6. Rimmel – Better & Brighter 700

The only thing I don’t like about this lipstick from Rimmel is the ridiculously long name: Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipstick 700 Better & Brighter. I mean, that’s just annoying. But it is a great lipstick. It’s a sheer nude, with a peachy undertone and a glossy finish. It also has a nice perfumy smell. This is a great everyday nude. Perfect for work or a no make-up look. It retails for €11. Dutchies, get it here! Or Amazon.


Make-up Revolution The One7. Makeup Revolution – The One

This lipstick is definitely ‘the one’ when it comes to drugstore lipsticks. First of all, it’s crazy cheap. I couldn’t find a decent link* for my Dutchies, but I believe I paid two euros for it at Etos. I mean, how is that possible? This lipstick smells like Australian sunscreen (so good!) and it is the perfect nude: it has pink, brown and coral undertones. I have nothing bad to say about this lipstick. You need this.


Simply Nude8. Max Factor – Simply Nude 725

This lipstick is similar to the Rimmel by Kate lipstick in the shade 45. It is a pinky nude, but it is more sheer than the Rimmel one. It is almost like a lip balm formula: very hydrating and subtle. But absolutely gorgeous nonetheless. It is on sale at the moment, on one of my favorite online make-up shops, for 8,50. Dutchies, get it here! If you don’t live in the Netherlands, you can buy this lipstick here!


Revlon Smoky Rose9. Revlon – Smokey Rose 245

This is one of my darker nude drugstore lipsticks. It is called the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Pearl in the shade 245 Smokey Rose – another long name, but forgiven because it is stunning. It looks amazing on deeper skin tones. It has an almost burgundy undertone, with a pearly finish that looks like a lip highlight. I paid €8,50 for this lipstick, in Curacao but this is the best deal I could find. Or buy from Amazon.


ELF lipstick Day Night10. ELF Need it Nudes – Night

This double lipstick from ELF has a “day” and a “night” end: a light brown nude and a darker brown nude. Both pretty perfect. As you can see it does accentuate my scar, so it is a little bit dark for me. But I DO love the color, it also tastes really great and how convenient it is two lipsticks in one?! It’s not available in Dutch drugstores, but this is the best deal I found online!



ELF lipstick Day Night11. ELF Need it Nudes – Day

The “Day” side of the two in one ELF lipstick in the shade Need it Nudes is a very natural soft nude, with a brown undertone. This is the kind of nude you can wear on a daily basis: a barely there nude. Perfect for daytime, a no makeup look, school, work, the beach. I’ve found the best deal here!




Thank you for reading!

*Deze lipstick is the koop via bol.com, maar veel duurder dan wanneer je ‘m bij de Etos haalt. Dus ik raad je aan om gewoon even een Etos binnen te stappen!
** I always try to find the best deal for you guys. If an affiliate link doesn’t provide that, I don’t use it. If you are aware of a better deal, please let me know!

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