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My name is Kari and I am a vegan, babywearing, yogi-mama that also loves to binge watch Netflix whilst eating an entire bag of potato chips. I post new content, in English and Dutch, four times a week. A lot of it is about that #momlife and (cruelty free) makeup and skincare. I love doing style blogs and sharing easy plant based recipes. There are also some amazing other mama’s, from all over the world, that contribute on a regular basis. I started Columns by Kari because I want to inspire you to feel happy, healthy & beautiful.

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zwangere vrouwen

I have a 2,5 year old daughter, named Isaya and am pregnant with baby girl number two. This is probably not your average momblog though, as I am married to another woman. But we went and go through all the same stuff (new) parents and families go through. And then we went and go through some other stuff, a little less ordinary. We live in the Netherlands, but I grew up on an Island in the Caribbean.

Come visit four times a week for unique content on:

  • Parenting – articles about motherhood, pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby wearing, co sleeping.
  • Guestblog by moms from all over the world – my pride and joy on this website: the World Mama section!
  • Beauty – (mainly) cruelty free makeup (routines), skincare and haircare.
  • Style – lookbooks, how to style articles and cool accessories.
  • Health – vegan recipes, yoga articles & video’s and an environmentally conscious lifestyle.
  • Watch & Listen – a place to chill down & unwind with my favorite music, YouTubers and TV shows.
  • Cool collabs – I have had the honor to work with many amazing brands over the past year and a half!

And don’t forget, It’s all here in Dutch as well!

  • Mamadingen – over opvoeding, borstvoeding, zwangerschap, bevalling, slapen en nog veel meer!
  • Gastblogs – geschreven door fantastische & inspirerende Dutchie mamas.
  • Cosmetica – over dierproefvrije makeup, huidverzorging, haarverzorging en parfums.
  • Mode & Accessoires – mijn favoriete kleding, merken en accessories deel ik hier.
  • Recepten – gemakkelijke & lekkere veganistische recepten.
  • Samenwerkingen & winacties – met de tofste, groenste en mooiste bedrijven van Nederland!

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