De heerlijke geuren van TreacleMoon

Toen ik klein was, op Curacao, haalden we weleens snoep bij The Candy Barrel. Mijn favoriet: die knalroze, mierzoete rollen kauwgom, waar je steeds een stukje van af moest trekken en grote bellen mee kon blazen. Daar de deden framboos- en aardbeigeuren van TreacleMoon mij aan denken toen ik ze voor het eerst probeerde. Heerlijk! Even was ik weer terug in de Tropen. Ook met hun kokos producten waan je je op een Caribisch eiland. En toevallig genoeg kun je met TreacleMoon ook grote bellen maken. Maar dan in bad. Lees verder

The POREfessional by Benefit Review

Big, visible pores are one of the Great Frustrations of anyone who is into make-up and skincare. I have been using the Bobbi Brown Skin Smoothing Pore Perfecter for over a year now and I love how it feels and what it does for my skin on a day to day basis. But it’s not a miracle cream, so I am always on the lookout for new ways to clean and reduce pores. Benefit seemed like a great place to start. I tried the POREfessional PRO Balm Face Primer and the POREfessional Instant Wipeout Facial Masks. There are three more products in the POREfessional range: a powder, a rescue gel and a oil-blotting stick. I will only be reviewing the primer and the masks in this post. Lees verder

Spicy Parsnip and Paprika Balls (Vegan!)

Time for another one of our favorite vegan recipes! Aya loves parsnip, because it has a delicious taste and doesn’t really look like a vegetable once prepared. I like to turn them into ‘fries’ for her, which she really enjoys. But parsnip also tastes delicious in these veggie balls! Made with paprika, white beans and whole grain rice these are a very healthy and tasty snack or addition to your meal.
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Talika Eye Patch for Smooth Under Eyes

If you’ve read my Talika review on some of their eye- and facemasks you know I am a big Talika fan. After using and loving their masks for over a year, I got curious about some of their other products. One being the Eye Therapy Patch and the other the Eyebrow Lipocils Expert. Today I am reviewing the Eye Therapy Patch, which is a reusable smoothing eye patch. I am also at the end of my six week Lipcils treatment for my eyebrows, so that review will be up soon as well! Lees verder

The Drugstore Make-up Routine

Because we are going to Curacao for three weeks in May I thought it would be a good idea to bring only drugstore make-up. That way I won’thave to worry about my make-up getting lost, stolen or messed up by the heat. One problem with this idea: I haven’t owned any drugstore make-up since I was seventeen. Apart from the occasional Milani product I didn’t have any drugstore products in my make-up collection. That changed when I bought two NYX palettes on a whim and ending up liking them. It made me curious about other drugstore products, which led to my idea to bring only drugstore make-up on our trip. The past couple of weeks I’ve tried them all out: most I like (to my complete surprise I must add) and some are nah. If you are curious about my reviews and the look I created with these products, then keep on reading! Lees verder

Chickpea and Potato Burger (Vegan!)

We had the most delicious falafel in town today: from Maoz. My chickpea burgers are nothing compared to what they do. But this recipe is still another vegan favorite of mine! These veggie burgers have a delicious spicy taste and are super easy to make. You can easily turn them into veggie balls, falafel or change up the veggies and spices. Enjoy!
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Een week lang L’Oréal Sublime Bronze

In mei gaan we drie weken naar Curaçao. Vroeger betekende dat: uren in de zon liggen bakken en zo bruin mogelijk worden. Sinds mijn zwangerschap doe ik dit niet meer. Mijn huid heeft zoveel zon gezien door alle jaren in de Tropen dat ik zonnevlekjes op mijn gezicht en armen heb. Ik wil mijn dochter graag groot zien worden, dus ik smeer me sinds een jaar of drie religieus in en ga altijd braaf in de schaduw zitten. Maar. Ik vind mijn lichaam wel mooier als ik bruin ben. Dan voel ik me ook beter in een bikini. En dat is natuurlijk mijn uniform op Curaçao. Dus ik besloot zelfbruiners te gaan proberen, in de hoop met een mooi kleurtje uit het vliegtuig te stappen in plaats van met een lichtgevend lijf op het stand te moeten liggen. Ik deed wat onlineonderzoek en besloot te beginnen met de L’Oréal Sublime Bronze.   Lees verder

The No Make-up Make-up Routine

For a no make up routine you can use just a couple of products to even out your skin tone, get rid of minor imperfections and enhance your natural beauty. The idea is that your skin looks like your skin, but better. Your lips look like your lips, but fuller and your lashes will be your lashes, but a little longer. A good no make up look is only possible if you have a great skincare routine. Check out my morning and my evening skincare routine here! Another important part of any no make up look is containing yourself. I love make-up, so nine times out of ten I want to do a subtle, natural look but end up using way more products and going all the way. Watch me  Lees verder

My Favorite Nude Lipsticks

You probably know by now I love all things nude. Nude colored clothes, shoes, bags, nail polishes, lipsticks: yes, please! But there is another reason I have a lot of nude lipsticks. I have a big scar on my lip. So I can’t wear any darker shades, without accentuating my scar. So today I am sharing my favorite nude lipsticks with you guys, because I am in love with them! And also because I wanted to proof to my wife that Yes, they are all different and Yes, I need all of them (and more). She wasn’t convinced, but you, my fellow beauty lovers, you know what I am talking about! Enjoy!
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World Mama Jourdan, from Charleston, South Carolina

I am able to be moved by the fact that my child loves me the way I should have been able to love myself all along, without reservation, without doubt, without fear. And I no longer mourn the loss of the girl I used to be. Rather through the birth of my son, I praise the birth of the woman I was always meant to become.” When I read these words, written by this weeks World Mama, I got goosebumps. I think a lot of mothers will be able to relate to Jordan’s story. I am very happy she wanted to share it here. Jourdan is the ninth World Mama of 2017 and the last one of this season. You can check out all sixteen World Mamas here. If you would like to share your story, then send me an e-mail: But first, I would love for you to meet Jourdan, from Charleston, South Carolina. Lees verder