Eat in a Day: Mom and Baby Edition, part 4

Like I said in our previous Eat in a Day, we are making big steps on the breastfeeding front. She is completely okay now with drinking soy or oat milk from the bottle and she even accepts it without a fuss from me. I am treasuring these last feedings, because It’s going to be over very very soon. I have mixed feelings about this. I feel super blessed that I have been able to do this for and with Isaya, I feel sad that it is ending, I am so proud of my baby for taking these big steps in her development and I am also excited for this new phase. So here is what our days look like, meal wise, at the moment!

Aya loves the ‘meat-like’ vegetarian sandwich fillings. So she had a piece of wholegrain toast with ‘salami’. I had a bowl of fruit with Soy yoghurt. Aya ate all the raspberries and a couple of grapes. I drank tea and Isaya had oat milk and water. Before her nap she drank the rest of her milk from a bottle. When she woke up we shared some almond yoghurt with the fruit that was left over from breakfast. This picture is of Isaya rubbing the yoghurt in her hair is from a few weeks ago, because I forgot to take a pic.

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We went to lunch in the city, so that means fries and pizza. Isaya ate ALL of my olives. Olives are her absolute favorite. I found out that day, that she likes olives even better than french fries (she loves fries). I think soy beans come in third. Cassava also definitely makes the top 5. As you can see my pizza is vegan (no cheese). We have let Isaya taste cheese and eggs and even some white fish, because my wife loves all of these things, but so far she is only impressed with the cheese. When we got home I gave Isaya a bottle of soy milk. When she woke up she ate a piece of raisin bread with soy butter. I put soy butter on all of her sandwiches, because it has Omega 3 in it. I was so full from lunch I skipped our four o’clock treat.

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My wife works most nights, but that night she was home. I love our nights together as a family. But is also means making three different meals with the same ingredients. One for Aya (baby- proof), one for me (vegan), one for my wife (vegetarian). Tonight I made pasta, with veggies and a soy based burger. I added tomato sauce with pesto and cheese for my wife. And I gave Isaya’s dinner a little Omega-3 boost by adding some flaxseed oil, after her food had cooled down. I don’t have enough breastmilk anymore for a whole feeding, so before bed I breastfed Isaya for a bit and then gave her a bottle of oat milk . My wife and I made popcorn and opened a beer (the wifey) and poured a glass of wine (me).

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