How to do a Manicure at Home

I can’t remember the last time I had a manicure at the salon. It was pre-baby, that’s for sure. And even then I did my manicures at home most of the time. When I was still a full-time career girl I did my nails every week. Now, it has become a monthly treat. Something I like to do whenever I have a little bit of time for myself. If you want to know how to do a manicure at home, then keep on reading!

Why a manicure is a must

Well maintained nails and hands are a lot more important than you think. It’s not just something superficial. Looking “well groomed” (hair, nails, clothes) is quite often a (subconscious) factor during things like job interviews and getting a promotion. Obviously it’s not the most important thing (I like to think personality and ability come first), but the impact your appearance makes is bigger than you think. And I don’t mean you have to look Gigi Hadid-stunning to get that promotion, I mean you should take the time to take care of yourself. And as a mom I know how hard that can be. But it’s worth it, I promise.

Nails that look well taken care of say: “I am the freaking brand ambassador of an organized, clean, neat, precise person. I’ve got my shit together. You should hire me”. Trust me. They do. So here is how to get nails like that!

Step 1. Remove old Nail Polish

Make sure your nails are clean when you start. I like the “L’oreal Manicure Remover for Clean and Soft Nails”. I don’t think it’s available anymore, so I will link the Herome nailpolish remover, which I’ve used in the past an loved.

Step 2. Cuticle Remover

Next up is cuticles. I use the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. I put this on my cuticles, let it sink in for a couple of minutes and then use a little nail doting tool to press them back and remove exces skin.

Step 3. Filing your Nails

I would highly recommend using a glass or crystal nail file. I’ve been using this one from Herome for the past four years. It works very fast and doesn’t damage your nails. Avoid clipping your nails if you can. I like to keep my nail quite short and round, because of my baby, but you can obviously file them in any shape and length you like.

Step 4. A Warm Bath of Argan and Jojoba

This not only does wonders for your nails and cuticles, it’s also perfect for if you have dry hands. My hands and knuckles are always dry and a warm bath of Argan and Jojoba Oil from Natural Heroes works wonders. Leave your hands in the bowl for 5-10 minutes.

Lees hier meer over Natural Heroes!

Step 5. More Cuticle Stuff

When I’m done with the hand bath I work a little more on my cuticles, because now they are even softer. Avoid filing your nails after the bath, because they are too soft now.

Step 6. Castor Oil

There are a lot of cuticle creams available. Personally I like to use Castor Oil. It is a thick oil that works wonders for so many things. Your nails and cuticles being one of them! It’s very soothing and hydrating for your skin and helps your nails grow.

Step 7. Chill and let it all sink in

Once you’ve put on the Castor Oil, you want to wait a while before you put on nail polish. I usually just go on with my day, but if you have the time or if it’s the evening just settle in, put on some Netflix and chill. Maybe you can even convince your partner to give you a hand massage 😉

Step 8. Nail Polish

Today I used my Dior nailpolish in the shade Grege 413. If you want to know more about this and some of my other nude nail favorites, then check out this blogpost! I do two layers, to get a nice brownish nude color. You can obviously use a drugstore nail polish. I am in love with the ones from L’oreal.

Step 9. Moisturize

Once my nails are dry, I put on moisturizer. I switch hand moisturizers on a daily. Today I used the “Ritual of Ayurveda” soothing hand balm, from Rituals. And I applied the “Ritual of DAO” soothing night balm before I went to bed. In my purse I carry My Coconut Island from TreacleMoon. And in the bathroom and kitchen we have “The Ginger Morning” from the same brand.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I’m a mess when it comes to my nails. Some days I feel like polishing them to perfection and then I screw them up anyway. I do make sure I don’t have any dark spots under my nails though!

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