Eat in a Day: Mom and Baby edition, part. 3

For months it seemed and felt like Isaya would never wean. I was feeding so many times a day I just couldn’t imagine this breastfeeding phase would ever end. It wasn’t like I wanted it to end right then and there, because I enjoy breastfeeding my baby. I was and am determined to see it through to the end and pursue our chosen route of babyled weaning. But I also felt I wanted to reduce the number of breastfeeding sessions. The last couple of weeks it seems like we were able to make this happen. Quite naturally and all of a sudden so fast! I’m not really sure how many times t I feed her at night (too sleepy to count), but in this new Eat in a Day there is only ONE breastfeeding pic!

I made what I call my ‘Instagram- breakfast’. Because it always looks so pretty and delicious on my plate. And it’s actually quite easy to make. Some soy yoghurt, muesli and berries from the freezer on top. And I always add extra rasins, because I love the sweet taste. Isaya was not impressed by my pretty plate, so I made her some wholegrain toast with apple spread. Little miss cutiepie with her big girl- fork (it has her name engraved in the handle). We both drank tea and I also had a glass of almond milk. Before her nap I gave her a bottle of oat milk. She was a little restless, so I waited to take a pic until she was sound asleep on my shoulder. When she holds me like that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. When she woke up I chopped up some fruit; a banana, a peer and an apple.

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As I mentioned before Isaya loves veggie burgers. It’s her favorite (that and olives!). She can be quite a fussy eater, so it’s good to have a couple of go-to’s for the days all she seems to want is (mama) milk. So for lunch we had vegan chicken nuggets on wholegrain toast. I gravely dislike avocado, which kind of sucks, because it’s such a nutritional fruit, especially for vegetarians and vegans. So I would like Isaya to grow fond of it, but so far I haven’t been successful in accomplishing this. She didn’t touch her toast. I added some chili sauce and mosterd to my nuggets and had a coke. Aya drank water. I can’t remember what kind of milk I gave Aya before her nap, so I just inserted a photo of what we had in the fridge. She either drinks soy milk (the one specially made for 1+ babies), oat milk, rice milk, almond milk of quinoa milk. Soy and oat are her favorite. After her nap she had a wheat and raisin cookie and some cut up grapes. I had a couple of her cookies and had my own bowl of grapes.

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Yes, I am persistent. So I tried the avocado again, but this time not mashed, but in pieces. Still, no luck. She did love the soy beans (always a good idea) and the same vegan nuggets as for lunch. Also some brown rice, mixed with quinoa and barley (most of which ended up on the floor) and some mushrooms. A couple of times a week I add (mashed) white beans. She likes to dip her veggie burgers in the ‘sauce’. Also, she like to apply it to her hair. I gave her some almond milk, but she doesn’t really like the structure; it’s too thick I guess. My meal consisted of the same rice-quinoa-barley mix and soy beans. For veggies I had mushrooms, with leek and paprika. I had a different veggie burger, which, as you can tell by the pic, I burned a little…We both had water with our meal. Before bed I breastfed Isaya. Even though I am glad we are cutting down the number of feedings, I still feel so incredibly happy and blessed I am able to do this for and with her. When Isaya was asleep I made some Chamomile tea and ate some delicious chocolates which were a gift from a sweet co-worker.

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