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You probably know by now how much I love nice clothes, bags and shoes. I love to dress up, I love high heals, I love beautiful bags. I have spent a good few years building my closet. (And by building I mean what is inside, not the actual closet. My wife did that, obviously.) But, I spend most of my days with Isaya. I love to take her to the playground, the pool, the park, the beach, the petting zoo: we are a busy pair. I am the kind of mama that jumps into the sandbox with her kid, pets the baby goats and goes down the slide. You can’t do that in Balmain or Chloé. Well, you can but I wouldn’t recommend it. So here is what I like to wear on my outings with Isaya.

My mom uniform needs to meet a few demands when we go out. First of all it has to be comfy. How can I chase a toddler in painful shoes or a tight skirt? Second, it has to be allowed to get dirty. So no expensive stuff, otherwise I will either feel restricted during our outing or regretful afterwards. Third, well, I still want to look kind of okay right?

Basically the same outfit ‘rules’ apply to Isaya. I never dress her in outfits that are not comfortable or can not get dirty. She is a kid! She needs to be able to run around, sit on the ground and play with mud. I never want her to feel inhibited or discouraged while she is playing because of her clothes. As for the ‘looking kind of okay’ – part, she looks stinking cute whatever I put on her. So I don’t have to worry about that.

My Favorite Mom Outfit

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So, back to my mom- outfit. It’s usually leggings, a tanktop and sneakers. When it gets colder I will put a long sleeve over my top. When it get crazy cold a woolen sweater keeps me warm. Also longer or thicker leggings help out. Because I am always walking or running around with Aya I don’t get too cold. But for winter I will obviously have to succumb to gloves, scarves and wintercoats. But we will cross that bridge when we get there.

We went hiking in the woods the other day. It was a lovely autumn day, sunny, not too cold, fresh air, beautiful surroundings. Nature! Love it. I wore my Adidas leggings, by Stella McCartney. It’s a three quarter length legging and has a nude/pink colour. It has a little pocket on the inside for your key and some strategically placed elastic details on the legs. I wore my super light and comfortable Adidas sneakers. They are the Performance CC Fresh Bounce, in black, with pink details (got to have my pink). Both the leggings and the sneakers are bought through Zalando, one of my favorite places to shop.

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My tanktop and long sleeve are from Hanro. I have talked about them in my Autumn lookbooks. I have them in black and off white and they are perfect for every season. Because they are made form wool and silk the material is breathable in summertime and protect me from the cold during the winter. It is also perfect for wearing under a woolen sweater.

So, this is what I like to wear on a playdate with my baby girl. I have this outfit in black and black and more black, because I don’t wear any other shades. But yes, this is definitely one of my favorite mom- outfits!Thanks for reading

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