Eat in a Day: Mom and Baby Edition, part 5

This is our fifth and final Eat in a Day. Isaya has gone from two to zero breastfeeding sessions during the day and now her night time feedings have also stopped, because I keep a bottle of rice milk by our bed for when she wakes up. After fifteen and a half months of breastfeeding this is a huge change. Despite the weaning, she is still a picky or ‘fussy’ eater. There are days when I have to jump through hoops to get her to eat a piece of bread. And then there are days when she seems to tolerate my meal prepping efforts. Enthusiasm is still carefully curbed for olives, cassava and veggie burgers, but I am patient and feel confident my baby will get there.

I made some grapes and an apple for Aya, to go with her porridge, made with oat milk. I had two slices of whole grain bread. One with peanut butter, the other with jam and frozen berries. We both drank tea and I had a glass of water. Before her nap I gave her a bottle of soy milk. When she woke up she had a fruitbar.

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Her other mother took Isaya out for a couple of hours so I could get some work done. I made Aya food to take with them: a raisin bun, with two different types of vegetarian  sandwich fillings. I put the leftover grapes from that morning in a small plastic lunch box and filled her sippy cup with water. I had a quick lunch: two slices of bread with some vegan chicken nuggets. I put chili sauce on top and had a glass of water. When Aya came home we sat down together to have a little snack. I gave her some raisins and breadsticks. I had almond yoghurt with strawberries. I tried to woo Aya into having some, but no luck.

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It was my wife’s night off from work, so we had another family meal. I made spaghetti with string beans and a vegetarian burger. My wife and I like to put all kinds of sauces on top. I spared you the look of our plates post-sauce. We all enjoyed some cassava chips with our meal. My wife had a beer and I had a glass of red wine. After dinner I gave Aya a bottle of rice milk. I’m pretty sure my wife and I opened a bag of chips and had another glass of beer and wine. But there are no pictures to prove it 😉

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