10 Things I am Thankful for

Obviously we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands. But I do think we need it. We need a day on which we all come together and express our gratitude. The fourth and fifth of May are important days for us on which we remember the sacrifices others have made for us and celebrate our freedom. But I think that in a time like this, when freedom and safety can not be taken for granted, it doesn’t hurt to take a minute and be thankful for what and who we have.

Things I am Thankful for

LGBT family1. My wife and daughter
They are my everything. Their health and happiness are the most important things in the world to me. Aya and Hinke make me happy, give me purpose, inspire me, help me grow and make every day special and worthwhile. Words can not express how thankful I am to have them in my life.

2. My parents
Because they are always there when I need them, love Isaya to the moon and back and always make it a point to see her.

3. My sister and her family
My sister has always been such an important piece of me. Our relationship has grown from someone I looked up to immensely, to one of my best friends. She inspires me and loves me unconditionally. Her husband is one of my favorite people in the whole world and I love her kids as if they were my own.

4. The rest of my family
And by ‘my’ I also mean Hinke’s family. I am so grateful to have them in our lives. So happy Isaya gets to grow up with two sets of grandparents and even great-grandparents! I specifically want to mention Hinke’s sister, who is the sweetest aunt anyone can wish for and a true friend.

5. My friends
I don’t know if I tell them enough, but I love my girlfriends so much and am so thankful for always being kind, loving, funny, open, trusting, interested and up for a cocktail.

6. Our house
A year ago we moved into our new home. We have spent so much time furnishing it, making it our own. I am grateful for having a roof over our heads, feeling at home somewhere, feeling safe, having all this space to play, cook, chill, do yoga, pursue our passions and be together as a family.

7. Our jobs
Being a working mom isn’t always easy, but I feel like my wife and I are getting the hang of it. I am grateful for the fact that we are able to work, have jobs we like and support our daughter.

8. My health and happiness
I am grateful for being able to go outside, feel healthy and not only look at the world around me but also enjoy it. I think being able to feel grateful is a big part of being happy.

9. My country
I am so grateful to live in a country where it is possible for me to live my life the way I want, marry another woman and have a child together. So many LGBT people live in fear because of who they love and don’t have the same rights as straight people do. This makes me extremely sad and reminds me to be thankful for living in a society that accepts me for who I am.

10. You guys!
Last but not least I am grateful for all you guys, you sweet readers, instamoms and dads and Facebook friends. Thank you for reading my blogs, sending me sweet messages and comments and sharing your stories with me. I truly appreciate it!

Thanks for reading

Pictures by the talented and kindhearted NY Family Moments. Check out her website if you live in the Netherlands. She is amazing.

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