Reviewing my Seven Week Challenge

Seven weeks ago I challenged myself to transform seven bad habits into healthier ones. Time has flown by and I promised a little review at the end of the seven weeks. So if you would like to know if I have managed to reach my goals, had any cheat days or epic fails then keep on reading!

I’m going to start by admitting I had a cheat day every day. That sounds as if I failed horribly at my challenge, but you have to keep in mind that I was set on changing seven bad habits. So when I say ‘cheat day’ I mean I cheated on at least one bad habit per day.

Because, men, it was an ambitious plan! For instance, if it was a regular Monday and I had a bowl of fruit with my breakfast, didn’t drink diet coke during lunch, neglected to put salt on my diner and didn’t drink wine while watching Netflix, I would go to bed and remember I totally forgot to drink a glass of soy milk. It’s just… a lot! A lot of habits and you know, life happens.

So, I will be the first to admit I didn’t pass any test for Best Bad Habit Changer of the Year, but I definitely tried and achieved a couple of things! I will now give you a little review per goal.

V Salt ‘n Pepper

Totally nailed this one. I don’t even think about putting salt on my food nowadays. There is one exception though and that is French fries. I mean, come on, fries without salt is like Christmas without Michael Buble.

V Diet Coke

Also another win. With the same Exception of Fries. Because salty French fries without Coca Cola is like listening to Michael Buble all Christmas long, without having a little bit of Mariah Carey on your playlist.

+/- An apple a day

I did pretty well when it came to eating fruit on a regular basis. There are definitely days I forget or don’t have an appetite for it. But four out of seven days is still pretty good I think.

X Phone Obsession

Total fail. Well, I tried. I absolutely did. I’m not on my phone as much when I’m with Isaya and I have one Instagram- free day per week. But other than that, way too much phone time. It’s an compulsion really and very, very hard to break.

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+/- Milk Alternatives

I think three out of seven days. So not a total fail, but I can’t say this has become a habit. I still have to motivate (read ‘force’) myself to eat soy yoghurt or drink oat milk.

+/- Chill Out Mom

I can’t say I totally nailed the whole ‘live in the moment’ thing. But I have managed to put in moments in every day where I am completely in the now with Isaya. Reading the same book to her ten times, building towers together (and tearing them down), endlessly putting things in boxes or bags (why is that so much fun?) or just sitting, hugging, appreciating, loving.

V Wine is Fine

As I said in the intro, I had cheat days and wine was definitely my favorite cheat. Especially after a long day at work or if my wife had a night off. I don’t feel like that interferes with reaching this goal though. Some things are just more important.

All in all I am pretty happy with how things worked out. The ‘phone thing’ is definitely something I have to keep working on. But as far as the rest of my goals go, I’m going to continue in my new ways and trust my healthier habits will deepen and improve.

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