7 Tips for a New Years Cleaning

A new year always makes me want to clean our house and get organized. I am a pretty organized person all year round (not a terrific cleaner though), but during summer- and Christmas breaks I tend to get a little more ocd when it comes to throwing out the old, making room for the new and finding the perfect place for everything else. I have written down my tips and tricks. A bit of inspiration, for you to get your home organized and start 2017 fresh and  tidy. So if one of your new years resolutions is to get organized, keep on reading!

1. Let go, you don’t need it

If you haven’t used or worn is for more than a year chances are you don’t really need. Throw it out, give it to goodwill, your neighbor, sister, friend or mother or sell it. Try not to think to hard and long about it. Declutter. It’s just stuff.

2. The first round

It’s not really realistic to try and get everything done in one day. That will only cause stress and disappointment. A (partial) day for the attic, for the garage, another for the kitchen, the living room and for your closet.

3. Queen B

There is no fun in cleaning if you don’t have good company to support you. Beyonce is my ultimate motivational music. I have painted, cleaned and organized so many hours to her lyrics. Singing and dancing is pretty much mandatory when it comes to new years cleaning.

4. Become obsessed

You know that cupboard in the pantry and those boxes in the attic that you have been ignoring for so long? You know there is so much stuff in them, so much clutter, pushed to the back of your mind, but still taking up space, both psychically and mentally. Tackle it, one shelf, one box at a time. Keep a garbage bag close by and start decluttering. Label all the boxes you went though. That way it’s easier to find things and you it will help you decide if you need to go through them or not next year.

Columns by Kari New Years Cleaning 2
Columns by Kari New Years Cleaning
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5. Proper helpers

Sometimes you look at a cabinet or drawer and your mind just goes blank because you have NO idea how to get the mess organized. There are a lot of amazing organizers available that will make your life a lot easier. Dividers for your drawers, make-up organizers, plastic boxes, big and small and just general things that are specially designed to let you have a ton of stuff but make it look neat. If you don’t feel like investing in a whole bunch of boxes then use your shoeboxes as drawer dividers. Dust covers and vacuum storage bags are also a great investment for storing clothes, covers and pillows. All hese helpers will not only help you get your house in order right now, but will help you keep it tidy through out the year.

6. Reward thyself

Always a good idea after you completed a difficult task. Go out to dinner with your family or buy yourself something nice after everything is organized and clean. Or maybe you have a new years resolution that needs a bit of motivation. A beautiful yogamat might help you get your practice going. New running shoes might get you in a mood to work out. A lovely cookbook will inspire you to start eating healthier.

7. Stop when you’ve had enough

At the end of the day a clean and organized house isn’t the most important thing in the world (a happy and loving one is), so if you find yourself hating your tasks or dreading going all the way, then please stop and try again next year!

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Love to read about New Years Cleaning, spring cleaning etc but hate going through boxes. One way or another I always end up in the middle of the mess, not being able to throw away anything (o.k. just a few scraps) and having to put everything back in the box 🙂

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