My 20 Favorite Netflix Shows

If you are a mama, you know: no matter how much you love your baby, your baby-free evenings are sacred. One of the things I like to do when I have a little bit of time for myself in the evening, is stare at a screen. Either my favorite YouTubers or Netflix. Today I am sharing my Top 20 favorite Netflix series. So if you are trying to figure out what to binge watch next, then keep on reading!

These aren’t all Netflix Originals, obviously! I am sharing the shows I have watched – and loved – over the past two years and are available on Netflix.

1. Crazy Ex- Girlfriend

If you are looking for something funny – like really, laugh out loud funny – to watch, then don’t look any further. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is hilarious. A comedy with singing (the lyrics, lmao), love, heartache, failure, succes, friendship and drama. Rebecca Bunch is a succesful NYC lawyer who is unhappy and decides to move to West Covina, California, to win back her ex-boyfriend, Josh Chan, who she dated back in high school. You need to watch this.

2. Designated Survivor

The President of the United States, his vice-president and almost everyone in Cabinet die after a horrible attack on the night of the State of the Union Address. Tom Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland) finds himself first in line to become president. He has the impossible job to get the country back on it’s feet, find out who is responsible for the bombing and keep everyone safe. If you like conspiracy theory-ish, intriguing and political shows, then I highly recommend this one!

3. Luther

Idris Elba is the sexiest man alive. That’s all you need to know about this show. Well, that and the fact that this is one scary thriller. You don’t want to watch this when you are alone and it’s dark outside and you’re not sure if you’ve really locked the kitchen door. Luther is a (bit of a crooked) cop, who chases after Britains worst serial killers. Along the way he falls in love with one of them, locks up a lot of bad guys and looks impeccable in every scene. Honestly this guys needs to be the next James Bond. (Three minutes later… *still daydreaming about Idris*)

4. The Blacklist

Reddington is a master mind criminal and informant to the FBI, who has an obsession with agent Elisabeth Keene. Is he her dad? Her safe keeper? The cause of all evil in her life? We don’t know. But we keep watching, because together they catch a lot of high profile criminals. Reddington is played by James Spader, who is very interesting and charismatic. Fascinating to watch.

5. Ray Donovan

Sensing a bit of a theme here? Another big, scary guy, who is kind of bad, but also kinda good and does a lot of criminal things. Ray Donovan moved his family from Boston to LA, to become a ‘fixer’. He fixes things for celebrities, criminals, politicians and family members who got themselves in trouble. One of those family members is a serial trouble maker: his dad, who is played by John Voight. Love him in this and love the show.

6. Pretty Little Liars

I guess everybody know this show. I wouldn’t even know where to start explaining what it’s about, because it’s completely insane if you think too hard about it. So don’t. Just enjoy four high school girls who are being stalked in the most bizarre and terrifying way. They do the most stupid things, trying to get away/catch the stalker. PLL is o so addictive.

7. Californication

The first thing this show is, is vulgar. But it is also very funny. David Duchovny – who you just hate to love, but you do, because he is kind of cute – is a LA writer, who drinks too much, gets himself in all sorts of trouble (with women) and disappoints his daughter and babymama at every turn. The babymama is played by Natascha McElhone, who is so stunning and one of the reasons I kept watching. (She is also Kiefer’s wife in Designated Survivor.)

8. Orange is the New Black

OITNB is one of those show I always look forward to, if a new season is coming up. (I hated how the last season ended though!) It’s about a women’s prison, with the most colorful characters, that you get to know quite well. It is funny, sad, fascinating, angering and uplifting.

9. Suits

I was in love with Rachel Zane, long before Prince Harry came along. She is so stylish and stunning. The biggest reason I love Suits is because the women wear gorgeous designer dresses, carry beautiful designer bags and walk around in amazing designer shoes. The guys and the storyline (hotshot NYC lawyers winning and losing cases, causing a lot of trouble) are secondary but also fun to watch.

10. Grace and Frankie

This show is so funny and refreshing. It’s about two seventy year old couples who’s lives are about to change forever. The men, who have been working together all their adult life, have fallen in love with each other and have decided to leave their wives (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin). The wives can’t stand each other, but are driven together by the (shock of the) betrayal of their husbands.

11. The Mentalist

Awh, swoon… Simon Baker. There are little hearts (*plop, plop, plop*) surrounding him whenever I think about Simon Baker. He plays a grief strikken former mentalist, who is helping the police to solve crimes and catch killers. But he actually only has one mission. His wife and child where murdered due to his arrogance. So now he has decided to use his gift to find their killer.

12. Lie to Me

I was so bummed this show got canceled after only three seasons. A team of investigators, led by a very intriguing deception expert, solves cases based on body language and subtle facial expressions that tell them if someone is telling the truth or not. I remember loving Tim Roth in this!

13. The Following

So I binge watched this when I was eight months pregnant. I had a craving for all these scary series (?). This one is about a very manipulative, but charismatic serial killer, who has a lot of followers. Student killers, who he trains to become just like him. It’s up to Kevin Bacon to stop Joe Carrol. Kevin is obsessed with Joe, which isn’t helping. And he is sleeping with Joe’s ex wife. Also not very helpful. Fascinating show.

14. The Killing (USA)

Another bingewatch during my last weeks of pregnancy. I’ve heard the original series were better than the US version, but I stumbled upon this one and really loved it. The pace is very interesting (slow) and I loved one of the main characters, played by Joel Kinnaman. It’s about two cops who are trying to solve a murder (yes, one murder per season!) in a very rainy Seattle.

15. Broadchurch

Broadchurch is another ‘slow’ detective. One murder, on the beach of a small British town, that’s being solved in eight episodes. I don’t really remember anything about the actors who star in this show, but there was something very fascinating about the story and the scenery.

16. House of Cards

Everybody knows (about) this show. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. Politics, intrigue, murder, betrayal. The perfect ingredients that, together with the amazing Kevin Spacey, make the perfect show to watch on a night off. Not a binge watch show though, if you ask me.

17. White Collar

Neal is a very talented and high profile art forger and thieve. When he is caught by FBI agent Peter Burke he is offered a deal to work as an informant. Together they solve cases and they become good friends. But there is always a little bit of mistrust. After all, Neal is a world class deceiver and Peter is a cop. Very entertaining. It also helps that Matt Bomer is very easy on the eyes.

18. Gilmore Girls

I watched a lot Gilmore Girls as a teenager. I loved the dialogue and the relationship between Lorelai and Rory. So obviously I had to watch the A Year in the Life. ‘Summer’ was a bit too much for my taste, but other than that is was amazing to be able to watch the girls again.

19. Homeland

To be honest I only liked the first two seasons. I think I stopped watching after season three. But those first two seasons are amazing. Claire Danes is such a terrific actress. The show is about CIA agent Carrie and a marine named Brody who was held prisoner by Al Qaida for eight years. Carrie is a manic depressive and Brody might be a terrorist. Great combo when it comes to national security.

20. How to get away with Murder

I only started watching this last week, so I have seen only two episodes. But I’ve got a feeling I am going see a lot more in the next few weeks. What I know so far about the show: a couple of talented law students find themselves in trouble and desperately try to get away with murder.

Thank you for reading!

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