6 Beauty hacks I recently started using and LOVE!

I love discovering new beauty hacks. Little things that make your every day beauty routine easier and more effective. There are thousands of make-up-, skincare- and hair hacks. Not too long ago I shared twelve beauty hacks I use on a daily basis. Since then I have discovered six more amazing beauty hacks that I love and come in very handy. They safe me a lot of time and money and help me organise my makeup. If you want to know what they are and how they can help you, then keep on reading!

Palettes instead of plates

Are you struggling to find a good way to store your makeup palettes? Try a plate holder. It’s super inexpensive, all of your palettes are organized and you can see each and every one of them clearly, so you can easily decide what makeup look you want to do.

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Save time drying your brushes

Remember my “how I clean my makeup brushes“? I shared a beauty hack I was using at the time, to dry my makeup brushes. I have found a new way that takes a lot less time! This is one of the satisfying things I have bought the past six months. And it’s so inexpensive!

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Nails and Momlife

I read about this hack in a beautyblog from Bella Inizio and needed to try it immediately. As a mom I don’t have a lot of time to let my nails dry. For this reason my nails are left bare more often than I would like. This hack shortens the time your nails take to dry by fifty percent. Polish your nails, wait a minute or so and then run your nails under cold water for another minute. Voila! Dry. Works when you are layering as well!

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Holy Grail Rosewater

I got this tip from one of my favorite Instamamas DaisyYellowPepper. Rosewater has so many benefits. It hydrates, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin, ¬†it helps maintain the skins PH balance, controls excess oil, it can be used to clean your skin and pores, it’s anti-inflammatory and it has anti bacterial and anti oxidant properties. Also: it smells amazing. And: it’s super cheap. It spray it on my face before I put on mymy makeup, I use it trough out the day to freshen up my face and before I go to bed. I love it.

Travel bottles at home

It’s summer time so that means a lot of you have bought little plastic bottles to meet the requirements for taking fluids on the plane. What do you do with them after your holiday? Whatever you do, don’t throw them out. I use them whenever I have a product I love but has a package I hate. For instance my current toner and rosewater come in a not-s0-user friendly packaging. So I have put them in little travel spray bottles. Also, you know how whenever you are in the shower, your face wash is at the sink and you have to tip toe over there? And when you want to wash your face at the sink, your face wash is in the shower? Make separate bottles, using your travel bottles, so you can put one in the shower, near the sink, maybe in a second bathroom or at your boy/girlfriends house.

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Don’t rush your¬†Contour & Blush

You know how, whenever you apply your contour or blush, that first bit of product is concentrated on the top of your brush and super pigmented, so you spend the next minute blending everything in? Caroline Barnes form Speed Beauty showed an incredibly easy hack in one of her videos. Get some product on your brush, like you normally would, then swirl the brush around in the palm of your hand. Now you can apply your contour or blush evenly and controlled.

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