Flight Essentials: Skincare in the Air

Only a few more days to go, before we fly to Curacao, for our family trip. I am so excited to go home and can’t wait for our plane to land. But first, the flight. Because flying is super exhausting and the air is very drying it’s important to give your skin some love when you are on a plane. I am bringing some of my favorite skincare products to keep my skin hydrated and fresh. If you want to know what my flight essentials are when it comes to beauty products, then keep on reading!

The Origins Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist

This Lotion Mist from the GinZing Collection is my new favorite beauty product. It is a very refreshing face mist, that hydrates your face and gives you the radiance you need on a long flight. It has a lovely, energizing smell and can also be used as a setting spray. I will use this throughout the flight to help me feel refreshed and keep my skins hydrated.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

I absolutely love this overnight mask from Clinique! As I’ve mentioned in my empties blogpost, the formula is so smooth and soft. And even though it is very hydrating it doesn’t have that tacky feel. It just sinks into your skin like cashmere. I will put this mask on as soon as we get on the plane, so it can do it’s magic.

Talika Eye Therapy Patch

I am bringing a Talika face mask on the plane just in case, but I have no illusions of me actually getting to use it, running after a toddler and all. But I can easily wear the eye patches and still entertain Isaya. They will smooth out my under eyes and make me look less tired. I will put them on at the end of our flight, to make myself feel and look like I actually got some sleep on the plane!

Origins Face MistOrigins Face Mist
Talika Eye PadsTalika Eye Pads
Clinique Overnight MaskClinique Overnight Mask
Treaclemoon BodylotionTreaclemoon Bodylotion

TreacleMoon My Coconut Island Hand and Bodylotion

My hands, arms and legs get so dry when I am flying. I literally look like a snake that’s about to lose it’s skin if I don’t moisturize while I am traveling.  One of the reasons I love TreacleMoon is the fact that the smells remind me of Curacao. My Coconut Island is such a lovely tropical smell. This hand and bodylotion will give me a nice little Caribbean intermezzo during our ten hour flight.

Natural Heroes Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

My lips also get very dry in the air. So obviously I am taking my Natural Heroes oils in minis. I find that coconut oil works best on dry or chapped lips. Everything else is just a temporary fix. I use Shea Butter on dry patches on my knuckles and on Isaya. She occasionally gets rashes on her legs and diaper area. Shea Butter is absolute magic when it comes to a rash.

Clarins Sunscreen for Face Wrinkle Control Cream

I recently learned that sunscreen is recommended during a flight. The UV rays are a lot more intense high up in the air and the windows don’t block them. You should re-aply sunscreen every 2-4 hours when you have a window seat. I am probably not going to apply sunscreen myself, but I am definitely going to protect Aya’s little face, plastered to the window. This Clarins Sunscreen for Face (SPF 50) is my absolute favorite and it is gentle enough for my baby’s skin.

Moroccan Oil Treatment Light

Not a skincare product, but if you have thin, frizzy hair like me, it’s going to suffer during a flight. So I am bringing my Moroccan Oil treatment. This stuff has been protecting, smoothing and nourishing my hair for over six months and it is such a blessing! So of course I am bringing it on the plane. I am also bringing my beloved Tangle Teezer for a quick fix up before we land.

Natural HeroesNatural Heroes
Moroccan Oil Hair TreatmentMoroccan Oil Hair Treatment
Clarins Face SunscreenClarins Face Sunscreen
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Bits & Bobs to Freshen up

About an hour or so before we land I usually start getting ready. I like to take my time to pack up our things, get everything sorted and freshen up. I always bring hand sanitizer, hand- and body wipes, deodorant, a perfume tester, a toothbrush and a mini toothpaste, just to make myself feel (and smell) a bit more clean and fresh. I don’t put any make-up on during or after a flight, because I want my skin to breathe and have a chance to recuperate.

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