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I didn’t pack a lot of clothes for our beach holiday. Not because I didn’t want to, but because we had one suitcase for three girls: me, my wife and my daughter. The other suitcase was full of “stuff”: diapers, toiletries, beach toys, towels. But I did put a lot of thought in the clothes I did bring. I needed outfits that could be mixed and matched a lot of different ways, were easy to wash and, of course, looked stylish. In this beach lookbook I am styling two dresses, that can each be worn three different ways: for morning, day and night! These are my absolute favorite pieces when it comes to holiday outfits. And if you know all about my wardrobe it’s no surprise there is a nude version and a black version!

Columns by Kari Beach Lookbook
Columns by Kari Beach Lookbook 3
Columns by Kari Karl Lagerfeld dress beach
Columns by Kari Beach Lookbook 2

The outfits are centered around my two Karl Lagerveld see-through shirt dresses. I have one in a nudy pink and one in black. They have buttons in the front, sleeves that can be rolled up – with a beautiful button – and are longer in back than front. They are perfect to throw over your bikini when you go to the beach. They came with a strap around the waist, but I took them off to make them more flowy. The sandals I a wearing in the left picture are from Isapera Mykonos. They are so comfy, yet very classy because of the nude and gold. The cap is from Levi’s.

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Columns by Kari Reiss Bikini
Columns by Kari Calvin Klein Bikini
Columns by Kari Reiss Lookbook Beachwear
Columns by Kari Calvin Klein Curacao

The white bikini I am wearing underneath my dress is from Reiss. I love Reiss. It is one of my favorite brands and a white bikini looks really good with a (fake) tan. The black bikini is from Calvin Klein. You can check out the bottoms and the top here. The black sandals are one of my all-time favorites, from Rachel Zoe. The gold band around the foot make these so classy and stunning.

The see-through dress can easily be turned into an evening dress for dining out, by putting a neglige or underslip underneath. The nude colored one is from Hanro. It is the softest satin, super comfortable and so pretty. I am wearing my little pink cross body from Puc, which is one of my favorite bags ever. My sandals are from Ancient Greek Sandals. I love them, they are the perfect nude sandals. The black sandals in the picture on the right are from Liebeskind. The black neglige is from Calvin Klein.

Columns by Kari Karl Lagerfeld Beach Lookbook
Columns by Kari Hanro Beach Lookbook
Columns by Kari Beach Lookbook Inspiration
Columns by Kari Calvin Klein Beach Lookbook

Because we dine on the beach most of the time, I keep it casual, but you can easily style this outfit up by adding a
beautiful waist belt and some heels. This will create a more defined and chic look. I wear the satin negliges around the house, to bed or if it’s really hot I wear it in the car and only put the Karl Lagerfeld dress over top when we arrive at our destination.

These outfits are PERFECT for a beach holiday. First of all because they are so versatile: you can cover up, dress up or down, throw it on. All the items are also very light weight. This makes them ideal for traveling and hot days at the beach, but also for hand washing and drying quickly. And last but not least: you can look stylish morning, afternoon and night without having to put in a lot of effort, which is great when you are on holiday.

My Karl Lagerfeld dresses are sold out everywhere. But I found four similar beach dresses I LOVE in case you want to recreate these looks. Two black dresses and two white: from Dorina, Asos, Seafolly and Liquourisch. Click on the photos and you will be linked to the dresses on Asos! By wearing the negliges from Hanro or Calvin Klein underneath you can easily dress these kaftans up for dinner or drinks.

Asos beach dress
Liquourisch beach dress asos
Dorina beach dress asos
Seafolly beach dress asos

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