Amazing Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle YouTubers You Need to Follow

I love You Tube. It’s such an inspiring place. I’ve previously shared my Top Ten Beauty YouTubers and my Top Five Favorite Vloggers. It’s time for a bit of an update. I recently discovered some “new” YouTubers that makes videos about beauty, fashion and lifestyle – and I love them! If you are looking for new people to subscribe to on YouTube, that will inspire and entertain you, ten keep on reading!

1. Romee Strijd

Columns by Kari Romee Strijd

Romee is one of my new favorite vloggers, kicking Mika Stauffer of my previously list. Romee is a Victoria’s Secret Angel – so drop dead gorgeous – but she is also a really cool person. She is Dutch (a), she is super down to earth (b), she has a great sense of style (c) and she travels the world (d). She vlogs in English and she is such a natural at it. I love her videos.

2. Mel Joy

Columns by Kari Mel Joy

I previously left her out of my favorite YouTubers, because she was a bit too young – aka all over the place – for me. But I did like Mel a lot and now that she is a bit older and more “herself”, I genuinely enjoy watching her video’s. Mel makes videos about fashion and beauty, but she also vlogs: she recently moved out of her parents house and into her first apartment.

3. Nikkie Tutorials

I can NOT believe I didn’t know about her sooner. Nikkie Tutorials would definitely have been in my top ten beauty gurus if I had found her channel earlier. She is Amazing. Nikkie is a Dutch YouTuber with 7,5 million subscribers. She is beautiful, she is talented, she is funny, she seems like a genuinely kind person. You need to check her out. O and another thing I highly appreciate about Nikkie is the absence of a horrible Dutch accent when she speaks English. She is the bomb.

4. Shay Mitchell

Columns by Kari Shay Mitchell

If you are sad Pretty Little Liars has (finally) come to an end, you need to check out Shay Mitchell’s channel (she played Emily on the show). She makes (heavily produced, but still) cool videos about fashion, makeup, cooking, fitness, traveling and well, being Shay. She is quite something. So is her assistent, Sammy. Very funny duo.

5. Summer McKeen

Columns by Kari Summer McKeen

Another young American girl that makes beauty video’s and just moved out of her parents house. Summer has the perfect name for her personality. She is bubbly and bright and lovely. I haven’t been subscribed to her channel for that long, but I love what I’ve seen so far and it’s definitely worth checking out!

6. Kallie Kaiser

Columns by Kari Kallie Kaiser

I don’t know what it is with Kallie Kaiser. I keep going back to her channel, even though she is not your standard “humble” and “well- behaved” YouTube girl. She will tell you she is “obsessed” with her look, her makeup, her body, her hair, her face, herself, about a thousand times per video. According to Kallie everything is “so flattering” and “perfect” on her. Let’s call that refreshing.

7. Ali Gordon

Columns by Kari Ali Gordon

Ali is Lydia Elise Millen’s fiance. Ali is an incredibly handsom man. I don’t watch all of his videos, because a lot of it is more relatable for men, but I love his editing. He puts a lot of effort into the shots, the images, the music, the editing – using drones and polishing it to perfection.

8. Ashley Brooke

As with Kallie Kaiser, I don’t watch all of Ashley’s video’s. Her main video’s and lookbooks aren’t really for me. But I do however enjoy her vlogs. She and her boyfriend live in NYC, which is always interesting to watch. And they are both fierce entrepreneurs, which is very inspiring.

9. Speed Beauty

Columns by Kari Speed Beauty

I mentioned Caroline, from Speed Beauty, in my recent updated Beauty Hacks. She is a small YouTuber, but a proper makeup artist and that’s why I enjoy watching her videos: to be educated. I also like the fact that she is not an eighteen year old girl with perfect skin, but someone that will make you feel more comfortable with your own aging skin.

10. Tatiana Ringsby

Columns by Kari Tatiana Rigsby

I only discovered Tatiana is only seventeen years old after about a month of watching her videos. She is not your regular seventeen year old though. She has a 130k+ following and makes videos about her life as a model trying to make it in NYC.

Thank you for reading!

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