My 10 Favorite Beauty YouTubers

Everything I learned about make-up I learned from YouTube. I love watching make-up tutorials. Apart from the fact that I love make-up and love doing my make-up, there is also something weirdly relaxing  and satisfying about watching your favorite YouTube girls do their make-up and talk about their favorite products. Basically if these girls tell me to go buy something, I go and buy it. So if you want to get to know my favorite beauty guru’s and enjoy some of the best make-up tutorials out there, then keep on reading!

1. Jaclyn Hill

I have to start with this American girl. She doesn’t upload all that often, but when she does, O my gosh. She makes me laugh. Out loud. Jaclyn has to be the funniest beauty guru. Her looks are way too expressive and high coverage for me personally, but that doesn’t matter. I do ‘light’ versions of what she does. I can not explain how hilarious she is. You will have to see for yourself.

2. Freddy Cousin Brown

This British girl is like a sweet, pink princess. She lives in a pink world with fairy dust and gold sparkles. I love her. Freddy posts only once a week, but you know it’s going to be good when she does. Her make-up looks are quite natural. She is absolutely stunning and actually has a great sense of humor.  She also does a lot of cute fashion video’s.

3. Lydia Elise Millen

Another Brit! She does a lot of high end fashion looks and only uses expensive make-up. This tends to get a lot of hate on you-tube, but I like her. I like her style and even though there may be a bit of a reality gap between Lydia and the world, I think her video’s are fascinating.

4. Olivia Jade

This LA girl is only seventeen years old. She is very sweet and young and her video’s often are a lot less ‘professional’ than some of her colleagues, but hey, she is just a teenager and I do enjoy watching them. Both her parents are famous (I think her mom was in Full House) and she does make-up, fashion, lifestyle and the occacional cooking video.

5. Lauren Curtis

She is an Australian beauty-tuber that I have been following for quite a while. I feel like she used to get a lot of hate for the same reasons Lydia does, but it seems like she has changed over the years. The reason I like her is because she knows her stuff, she can be a little awkward and she is very critical when it comes to the products she likes.

Freddy Cousin BrownFreddy Cousin Brown
Lauren CurtisLauren Curtis
Amelia LianaAmelia Liana
Lydia Elise MillenLydia Elise Millen
Kathleen LightsKathleen Lights
Sammy RobinsonSammy Robinson
Alivia JadeAlivia Jade
Jessica ClementsJessica Clements

6. Kathleen Lights

This has to be one of the sweetest YouTubers. Originally from Cuba, this American girl is so worth checking out. She is super hard working; I think she does three video’s a week, does a ton of make-up collaborations with affordable brands and has her own nail polish brand. She is very sensitive and honest but also has a lovely sense of humor.

7. Zoella

You’d have to be The Grinch not to love Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella. With over 11 million subscriber this girl has something. A lovely personality that’s one. Her own lifestyle and beauty products brand, called Zoella Beauty. A kind boyfriend, also a successful YouTuber. An adorable dog with huge eyes. A funny gay best friend. And a huge, indescribable love for Christmas.

8. Amelia Liana

I keep coming back to this London girl. She is just so positive and kind. You just know she is a good person. Apart from make-up tutorials she does adorable lookbooks, makes cool cooking video’s and she vlogs. I don’t watch all of her video’s, but she has such a happy and honest vibe; I would definitely recommend giving her channel a try.

9. Sammy Robinson

This is the girl that looks like Gigi Hadid. Who doesn’t want to look at that? Sammy lives in Australia, her channel is quite new and you can see she is still searching for her ‘brand’ when it comes to You Tube, but I enjoy her make-up tutorials a lot.

10. Jessica Clements

She lives in NY city and she’s a model. Jessica is so beautiful and there is something about the way she talks that is just too adorable. She does very natural make-up tutorials and lookbooks that are more on the edgy side.

Thank you for reading!

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