Eat in a Day: Mom and Baby Edition

I always enjoy watching ‘Eat in a Day’ videos on YouTube. But when I see three perfect, complicated meals laid out on a beautifully made up plate, I’m like, right I don’t have time for this! It inspires me though to make more of an effort when it comes to our meals, but in a sort of light version. A busy-mom-who-is-not-an-amazing-cook version, if you will, for a weaning baby. So if you want to see a realistic ‘Eat in a Day’ mommy and baby edition, keep reading!

For breakfast I made oatmeal for Isaya and muesli for myself. I used to love oatmeal too, but recently I find it a little too heavy in the morning. I made Aya’s oatmeal with almond milk and put some (frozen) raspberries, strawberries and blueberries on top. She loved those! I had my muesli with soy yoghurt and berries. I don’t drink coffee, but I love to drink chicory coffee in the morning. This is a natural, caffeine free “substitute” for coffee, made from the roots of the chicory plant. I also had two glasses of water and Isaya drank tea. Before her nap I breastfed her. After her nap I made a smoothie with strawberries, banana and soy yoghurt, which we shared.

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For lunch Isaya had toast with vegetarian sausage spread. Isaya loves it, but don’t like meat substitutes that look and taste too much like meat, so I had a veggie burger. Isaya drank water and I craved a Coca Cola. Because Isaya is weaning from my breast, I gave her a bottle before her afternoon nap. I used to breastfeed her before this nap as well, so the bottle doesn’t always go down well. But this afternoon she loved her oat milk. she woke up I gave her an oatmeal raisin cookie, which we ended up sharing. I enjoyed some mixed nuts and we shared some dried fruits. Isaya loves raisins, cranberries and dried figs and apricots. We both drank tea.

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Isaya loves veggie burgers. It is often the only thing she wants to eat in the evening. There is a great variety of veggie burgers I can offer her but of course I want her to eat other things as well. One way to ensure this is to make ‘dips’. I will put white beans and barley or couscous in the blender, with whatever vegetable is on the menu that evening, add some olive oil and voila: a lovely dip for her burger. Another way is to take these ingredients and make my own veggie burger. This way I know she is getting everything she needs and there is no fuss. Tonight I made a veggie burger with zucchini, mushrooms, paprika, couscous and white beans. We had a salad on the side (Isaya loves olives) and I made some extra couscous for myself. We both drank water with our meal. Before bed I breastfed Isaya. Once she was asleep and I knew didn’t have to breastfeed her for another five hours, I opened a bottle of red wine. I poured myself a glass, filled a bowl with potato chips and crawled on the couch with some Netflix.

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