Eat in a Day: Mom and Baby Edition, Part 2

Here is another what we eat in a day! In my first Eat in a Day– blog I shared with you the meals Isaya and I ate on a random day when I did not have to work. This meant I had time to make homemade veggie burgers, which, let’s face it, I don’t do every day. So even though I work from home most days, I decided to show you what we ate on a day I was working. Because I was working I had less meal prep time, but since I have a home office I could have all my meals with Isaya.

We both had toast with peanut butter. We both love peanut butter. And almond butter. And cashew butter. And basically any type of nut paste. But this morning it was peanut butter. I had an extra slice of toast with strawberry jam. I put fresh strawberries on top, which Isaya ate. I’d put some banana on her plate, which I ate. I drank my chicory coffee and water and Isaya had tea. Before her nap Isaya drank a bottle of oat milk. When she woke up I chopped us up some fruit. I used an apple, a pear and a nectarine. Isaya loved the last two, but the apple was too sour for her.

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As I explained in my other Eat in a Day blog, I hate throwing away food. So I made lunch from all the leftovers of the two days before. It ended up being a delicious meal of broccoli, potatoes, quinoa and vegan chicken nuggets. I just threw everything in a frying pan, with some olive oil, easy-peasy. Isaya had a few bites, but wasn’t all that interested so I made her some toast with fruit spread and a sweeter apple. Aya drank water and I had some tea. Before her nap I breastfed Isaya. When she woke up I made a green smoothie for us to share. This is such a quick and easy way to ensure she gets all her veggies. I put some spinach in the blender with a banana and soy yoghurt. This picture of Isaya drinking a green smoothie is from another day, because I forgot to take a pic!

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For dinner I made whole grain rice with eggplant, mushrooms and tofu. I marinated my tofu with soy sauce and spices, but left hers plain. I love baking our veggies in olive oil. Because we are vegetarians (who eat vegan most of the time), I feel like we not only get away with this, it’s basically a vitamin D must. We both had water with our meal and for desert I gave her a forrest fruit popsicle. Her teeth were hurting and this helped to numb the pain a bit. She never eats the whole thing, but she enjoys the process of eating something so cold and colorful. Before bed she drank from my breast (again didn’t take a picture, so the one above is from the next day!). When Aya was out I made a pot of tea and had some dark chocolate. The perfect combo for a relaxed evening of reading and music.

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