How Cute are our Babies?

My daughter makes my heart melt on a daily basis. Okay, you got me, on an hourly basis. I think is she is super adorable, cute, smart and beautiful. I know you probably feel the same way about your babies. So let’s make this all about us gushing over our children. Because let’s face it, this isn’t something we can do freely around most people. If you are lucky you’ve got one or two people in your life that can handle a limitless amount of admiration, boasting and rambling on about your kids. If you want to keep your other friends and family members in your life, you’ve got to tone it down a bit. Talk about something else every now and then. But not here, not now. Everything your baby does is Interesting and Amazing.

Isaya has a couple of things she does that are very typical for her and I think are crazy cute. But maybe you will recognize some of them as one of the intensely sweet things your baby does as well.

Cute Sleeping BabyWhen she is about to fall asleep – for instance when she is in the baby carrier or I am feeding her – she likes to play with my hair. And by ‘play’ I mean 20% stroking sweetly and 80% pulling ruthlessly. But still, it’s very cute, because it’s something that relaxes and comforts her. When she wakes up at night she crawls unto my pillow and puts her hand in my hair. This is how she knows everything is fine.

When she sees something she likes a lot, like the cat, or birds, or her nephew or her mama’s (yes, I think this is in the right order), her face lights up, she produces this HUGE smile, her arms go up and she screams excitedly. It’s the best welcome. Not for the cat though, he’s a bit put off by all this hysterical display of affection.

When she hears music, her index fingers go up in the air and she starts moving her arms. If she likes the music, she smiles along with these movements. When one of her mama’s starts singing she does the same. She’s the orchestra conductor and we her loving followers.

She waves. A lot. When we walk down the street she waves at random people. Sometimes in their face. It makes them smile though. She also waves at toys when we stop playing, at animals in the street or sky, at the room when we leave it. She’s like a queen and takes her waving- job very serious. It’s adorable.

Cute BabiesShe loves clothes. And I promise I’m not just projecting this on her (because you all know how much I love my closet). She actually picks out clothes and shoes she want to wear and loves to go through her closet. Often when she is playing she will pick up a sweater and carry it around her shoulders. Or she will take a pair of shoes and put them in her little wooden cart, to drive them around the living room. So cute.

We like to ask Isaya ‘where things are’. So we will ask her, “where are your shoes?” or “where is Irving (the cat)?”, or “where is mama?” (that last one is difficult, because there is always at least one mama around when you have two). She understands what most of the words mean and will either walk towards what we are looking for or she will put her hands in the air, palms up, the international gesture for ‘I don’t know!’.

O and there is so much more… She is the best hugger. She loves to hug. Her hugs are Everything and sometimes she will throw in a kiss as well and that is just… perfection. When she does something clever or smart, like make a puzzle or put her crayons back into the small box, she celebrates her accomplishment by clapping her hands. When she hears a dog bark, she will stop whatever it is she is doing, lift her finger into the air and say ‘hoo, hoo’. When I say ‘nosie, nosie’, she will bring her nose close to mine and shake her head so we can have a little nose- kiss.

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  1. The other day my four year old told me she needed some “me-time”. School had been very busy and now could I please just leave her alone for a bit thank you very much… 😉

  2. Hahaha the hair pulling sounds very familiar. My son likes to stroke my beard. And he is the best dancer.

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