Autumn Lookbook, part 2: Dark and Nude

There are a couple of things that make fall acceptable for an Island girl like me. The gold, orange, brown and yellow of the leaves are not too shabby. Halloween is also kind of fun. But being able to wear soft sweaters, beautiful boots, woolen scarfs and my favorite jeans definitely make the changing of the seasons worth while. And then there are the warm hugs I get from my girls. Definitely vital.

As Bad as It Gets

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Even though I have three tattoos and know how to use a drilling machine, I never manage to look tough. Not like my wife. All she has to do is wake up and she looks cool. This look is as badass as it gets for me. I’m wearing my black Balmain jeans. It has zippers on the ankles and the signature quilted panels. They are not an exact copy of the pink one, but they are very comfortable and keep me warm. The sweater is a cashmere one, simple, but super soft, from Repeat Cashmere.The belt is a beige Patrizia Pepe, with their little gold insect on the front. The shoes are Rachel Zoe. They are the beige sisters of my black boots, except these have a gold detail, which makes me love them even more. The bag is Sandqvist. I use it as a diaper bag for Isaya, when we go on day trips or go swimming.

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Soft Autumn Hugs

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I am in love with this poncho. It’s so soft and warm and in a pretty powdery pink. It’s perfect for when I don’t know what to wear, because I can just throw in over my head, put on some leggings (these are by Malene Birger) and I’m good to go. And the best part is: I can wear it over the Bondolino babycarrier, so Isaya and I can snuggle and stay warm together. Of course it’s from Repeat Cashmere. The shoes are my Chloé’s. They upgrade pretty much every outfit and they are so comfortable.

My Inner Olsen Twin

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I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in It Takes Two. How I loved that movie. And now, years later I love these twins again, because of The Row. If I could, my closet would be rows and rows of The Row. But for now I will just have to settle for inspiration. The Olsen twins and Angelina Jolie (who loves to wear The Row) are probably my favorite style icons. So even though this outfit is a lot more affordable than their designs, it is inspired by my childhood idols. The cardigan is a long and soft woolen vest from Helmut Lang. It fastens at the shoulder, so you’ve got this cool a-symetric thing going on. The pants are slightly oversized slacks from Patrizia Pepe. The shoes are my beloved Reiss flats. Ad a big bag, an oversized coat, some sunglasses and you are channeling you inner Olsen twin.

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