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As a working mama I strive to make time in the morning to take a hot shower, pick out a nice outfit and put on my make-up; anything to show up at work not looking like I’ve slept four hours. Taking care of myself this way not only makes me feel energized and confident enough to face the workday, it’s also something I love doing. Because if you follow us on Instagram you probably know by now I love all things girly. Clothes, shoes, bags, make-up. Love, love, love, love. So I have selected four of my favorite office outfits to share with you!

Dress to Impress

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The right clothes can make me feel confident. This outfit does exactly that. I call it my Rachel Zane- outfit, you know, that gorgeous woman from Suits. She always looks impeccable. I love pencil skirts and especially this creme colored one from Patrizia Pepe. I like to combine it with my favorite sweater of all time, this cashmere beauty from Repeat Cashmere. It’s so soft you never want to take it off. All of their clothes have this effect on me. The shoes I’ve had for quite a while and I still love them. They are these coral nude pumps by Ted Baker. My bag has almost the exact same color and is made from the softest leather. It’s one of those bags that only gets prettier with time. And also from one of my favorite brands; Liebeskind Berlin.

Cut me some Slacks

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When I saw these pants at Filippa-K last year I just had to have them. I didn’t care they would be terrible for riding my bike to work, they just stole my heart. The merino wool cardigan in the last picture is also Filippa-K. It’s one of my favorite stores to shop for work, because they have beautiful basics that last forever. The top is from Diesel Black Gold. It has a gorgeous sheen and it never creases. The straps are a cute detail; they are leather and can be fastened with a button. I am very happy with the shoes, because I was looking for the perfect stiletto heeled ankle boots. I found them at Patrizia Pepe. My office bag is from Elisabetta Franchi. Most of her designs are a bit to bold for me, but this bag is ideal for work. It fits my MacBook, loads of food and anything else I need for a day at the office.

One of the Boys

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I am not a tomboy and most of my outfits are very feminine. But for this silk blouse I make an exception. It’s another Repeat Cashmere favorite and it is so soft and so comfortable. I am absolutely in love with it. The pants and the blazer are both Patrizia Pepe. I love that Patrizia’s blazers have extra long sleeves and go with practically everything. The belt is also PP and has their insect- logo in gold on the front. The shoes. O the shoes. I just love these flats. They are the pointed- toe Edie flats from Reiss. I had been looking for shoes like this for quite a while and Reiss never ever disappoints when it comes to finding the ultimate classics. In the last picture I transformed the outfit to more of a diner or evening look. The pumps are Michael Kors. I love them because they look good with every outfit and are super comfy. The clutch is DKNY. It’s perfect, because it fits quite a lot without losing it’s elegance and it’s not too flashy.

TGI Casual Friday

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I always miss my baby when I’m at work. So even though I love dressing up for the office and doing serious grown up stuff, I love it even more when work is done and I get to come home to Isaya and my wife. The blouse is from Karl Lagerfeld. I also have one in black. They have a relaxed fit and can be styled in a ton of different ways, which, as you can probably tell by know, is a must for me. The belt is from Reiss and made from a soft leather. It has a lovely gold colored front. The bag is from DKNY and holds my pumping gear for when I have to pump milk at work. The shoes. A the shoes again. I feel like these deserve a proper love song. I bought them a couple of years ago at mytheresa.com, after a lot of deliberation, because they are by Chloé. It was definitely an investment, but I know I will never stop loving and wearing them.

“A the shoes again. I feel like these deserve a proper love song.”

I hope I have given you a little bit of inspiration for the work week ahead! I didn’t put links to the actual items, because as you can see I love timeless basics that can be styled a thousand ways. So whatever you have in your closet or want to spend on new clothes can make these looks happen. It’s not about the particular brand or designer (even though I did want to share with you some of my all time favorites), but more about what you can do with certain pieces. For me it’s always about style above fashion and I believe in investing in quality over quantity.

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