Nude Nails Favorites

If you have seen my lookbooks it won’t come as a surprise to you I only wear nude colors on my nails. I don’t own any green, orange, yellow, purple or red items of clothing and the same goes for nail polishes. So today I will share my nude nails favorites with you!

Before I go shopping for nail polishes, I always swatch my favorite colors on my nails so I can compare them to the ones I see in the store. It’s impossible to remember a color perfectly, so this prevents me coming home with the exact same colors I already have. My collection is small, but I love it, because of the small nuances in the shades. I picked them to go with certain outfits or bags and so they are either powder or coral pink or light brown.


Coral Pink Nude Nails

Nail polishes get discontinued really fast, so this Coquette nail polish from Michael Kors is not available anymore in stores. But the ‘Tickle My France-y’ (a little more purple toned) and ‘You Can Count on It’ (a little lighter) from OPI are a great match. It is a beautiful coral pink. It’s a little bit darker than my skin tone, so even though it’s a nude nail polish it stands out. It’s a deep and rich colour that matches one of my favorite bags and these Ted Baker heels. The MK polishes dry a little slower than some of my other favorites, which is a big disadvantage for me, because I don’t have the time or patience to wait too long until my nails dry. I love their bottles though. With the gold lids they remind of the YSL ones.

Columns by Kari Office Outfits 18
Columns by Kari Yoga Handstand
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Light Brown Nude Nails

This Dior nail polish is the perfect brown nude. The Gregè 413 has a nice sheen, but this doesn’t effect the color intensity. The formula is great. I need two coats to get the result I want. It is a great match for more beige or neutral toned clothes, bags and shoes. But because brown nail polishes match the skin so well they go with pretty much every outfit. Most brands have a range of browns so you can find one that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Columns by Kari Nude Nails 4
Columns by Kari Nudes and Neutrals Lookbook 18


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Perfect Pink Nude Nails

This Chanel nail polish is probably my favorite pink toned nude. The Organdi 504 is a lovely powder pink and looks like the love child of the coral toned MK polish and the brown toned Dior polish. (It’s also the exact same color as the YSL Beige Leger.) I like to wear it with soft pink outfits. In photos it shows up a little more brownish than it actually is. But the picture on the right will give you a good feel for the true color. If I want this color to be slightly lighter I will put a coat of very light pink nail polish underneath. I use Ingenue from Michael Kors, but every brand has a polish in this color. (These colors are also great for French nails.) Another great way to brighten up a color like this is with a sheer pink polish on top. I use Ballerina 167 from Chanel for this purpose.


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  1. Interesting choice. I never met anyone who likes nude colors so much. Dior’s light brown nude is the best one here but I would add here an accent nail (maybe black print of a rose or abstract shapes).

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