Wish List: Top Five Designer Bags

You probably know by now I have a Thing for bags. And that thing is called Love. I don’t mean I love all bags or that I have a huge collection. My love is more on the exclusive side. To be precise: I have two tote bags, two backpacks, three clutches and two cross bodies, That’s it. Now, I think that is pretty modest for a girl. See, the thing is, as with clothes and shoes, for me it’s all about quality not quantity. So I save up, buy consciously and then I use them for years and years. To me a truly good bag is a piece of art. And as with all things beautiful it ignites amazing things in people. Like admiration and delight. But also its evil sister’s jealousy and greed. I practice yoga and with that comes the practice of modesty, generosity and moderation. But…

The other day I was shopping with Isaya and my wife in our favorite department store in Amsterdam. I had just splurged at the Charlotte Tilbury section and was on my way to the Bag section to Swoon when I saw a girl walking in front of me. She was carrying a Chanel Boy Bag. Now, this particular bag is not on my wish list, but I did feel the green monster poking its head out when I saw this beautiful piece of art casually bouncing on her hip. The envy turned into full blown jealousy when a few minutes later I saw her Ready to Actually Buy a Chloé purse. A Chloe bag is definitely on my list. I took a deep breath, smiled at my adorable baby and left the department store. When we were outside I told my wife about what had happened. She looked at me like I was crazy. She patiently listened though, to me recite my Top 5, like she always does when I talk about designer clothes and bags and shoes. Nodding and OK’ing, until I name prices. Then she is like ‘Whaaaaat?!’. Well I did say they were a piece of art.

So as you can see, moderation and modesty go right out of the window when I think about my Top 5 Wish List Bags. After I have shared them with you, you will understand why. A little disclaimer in case you are wondering. We eat vegan most of the time. I do wear leather shoes though and all the bags down below are made from leather. So if that makes you feel uncomfortable or if you find it offensive, this blog is probably not for you.

The Givenchy Medium Antigona Goat Leather Bag, in black

Columns by Kari Givenchy Antigona Bag in Medium

This is Givenchy’s most iconic bag. It will never ever go out of style because it is timeless. It is beautifully crafted and very spacious. It is perfect for work and travel because it can fit a MacBook and loads more. It is number one on my MyTheresa wish list because it is so practical and I know I will never stop loving or wearing it.

The Chloé Faye Medium Flap Shoulder Bag, in nude


I love Chloé. It is one of my favorite designers, because it is very dreamy and girly but also sophisticated and chic. The bags are very recognizable and have a bohemian vibe. This Chloé Faye bag is also more of a day-time bags, but a lot smaller than the Givenchy bag, so I would use it for shopping, going to lunch or a birthday.

Saint Laurent Monogramme Leather Shoulder Bag, in black


This YSL bag is a perfect evening bag. It is small but practical, chic but not in your face and it goes with everything. It has a gold curb link and a chain tassel and the iconic logo on the front. I would feel like the most beautiful girl in the room at a party or having drinks with my friends. It’s on my Net-a-Porter wish list.

The Louis Vuitton Capucines, in powder pink


I call this bag the Michelle Williams Bag, because she did the campaign. She is also pictured with the Lockit bag, which I think is perfect as well. These bags are so expensive they will make your eyes twitch, but a girl can dream. The Capucines is named after the Rue des Capucines in Paris, where Louis Vuitton opened his first store in 1854. It is another timeless bag, very elegant, amazing craftsmanship and just to die for.

The Small Chloe Drew Bag in Pink

Columns by Kari Chloe Drew Bag in Pink

love the Chloe ‘Drew’ bag! Just like the ‘Faye’ it has jewelry inspired gold hardware and a suede interior. The pink is so feminine and soft and pretty. This bag is the perfect day-to-night bag. It’s perfection. It’s on my MyTheresa wishlist.


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