Mom and Baby Winter Lookbook

Only four more days and it is officially winter. But lets face it, winter is already here. It. Is. Cold. And that’s not just the Island girl in me talking. It is objectively Cold. The first winters I spent in Holland where the coldest though, because I did not know how to dress for the weather. I didn’t know about wool and layering and scarves and hats. But this Tropical child has grown up and has become an expert on how to stay warm during winter. Warm and stylish that is, because I don’t care if the white walkers are coming, I am not giving up my love for cashmere and  fancy boots. Obviously I’m extending this underrated knowledge to my daughter who, as a true Dutchie, is quite unimpressed with these temperatures, but loves clothes just as much as her mama. Here is our Mom and Baby Winter Lookbook!

Baby’s Winter Lookbook

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Isaya is wearing the softest pants and sweater from H&M. They are 100% cashmere and have this lovely peachy pink color. It is very comfortable so she can play and move around easily, but it is still very warm and cosy. I ordered a size up so it can easily be layered. If necessary I can put leggings underneath the cashmere pants and woolen rompers and shirts underneath the sweater. Aya’s shoes are from Zara. They are the same peachy pink and have a white, soft, furry inside that comes out at the ankles. They are very warm and oh so cute!

All Black

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I am wearing thick, black leggings from Michael Kors. It is very warm and one of my absolute favorite items of clothing because it can be styled with so many outfits. My sweater is Marc Jacobs and this thing helped me get through the past three winters. It is 100% wool and so thick, I can actually use it as a coat in the fall, which is super convenient when I want to wear Isaya in the Ergobaby.  I do have to use a wool razor on it every week, but it’s totally worth it. The fedora is from Reiss. I use it whenever it is raining; it’s the perfect cover. The overknee boots are from Ash. I altered them a little bit, because I didn’t like the chain around the ankles. But I like that even though they are not that high, they still have a stiletto heel. I couldn’t find them online, so linked a pair with a chunkier heel.

Baby it’s cold outside

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When it’s not raining I like to wear a woolen hat. This one is a mixture of wool and cashmere, from Repeat Cashmere. It is very simple, but lovely and an absolute essential. When Isaya and I go for walks I don’t wear heels, so I switched my Ash boots for flat Michael Kors overknee boots. Also super warm, but more comfortable to walk in. My coat is from Ted Baker. They make the best winter coats if you aks me. I’ve been wearing this one for four years and it still looks brand new. And because it has a waist belt I was even able to wear it when I was pregnant. Isaya’s coat is  from Zara. I am in love with it. It’s such a pretty, pink color and has an adorable toggle fastening and a faux fur hood.

Aya’s hat and gloves are from H&M and her scarf is a one of a kind, by grandma. My gloves are from Reiss. They are leather and very comfortable. I’m pretty sure there are warmer gloves out there, but for me it’s important that I can still hold and grab things (like my kid) when I wear gloves. My scarf is a cashmere triangular shawl from Repeat Cashmere. It is my absolute favorite; so soft, warm and elegant.

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