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A new year, so time for new World Mamas. Last year Shannon, Emily, Natalia, Finley Kate, Youmna, Desiree, Jehava and Melissa shared their stories. Moms from the USA, Sweden, Russia, South Korea, Curacao and Angola: all living different lives, experiencing different thing, yet having one thing in common. And that is the love they have for their babies. This years World Mamas will be no exception. Meet Irini, born in Egypt, now living in Holland. Her water broke at 27 weeks. But against all odds Jonathan wasn’t born until she was 32 weeks pregnant. Through sheer will, faith and prayer she kept her baby safe inside her belly until he was ready. Her story is inspiring and beautiful. It teaches us about hope and strength and love. I have the honor and pleasure of being able to call Irini my friend and I can’t wait for you guys to get to know this amazing, strong mama too!

It all started one day before we were supposed to go on our last babymoon. Our last vacation with just the two of us. A Romantic all inclusive holiday to Egypt. Never knew this could happen to me. I had the easiest pregnancy ever! I was having so much fun with my baby boy in my growing tummy.

But then September 3rd at 4:00 am I woke up, my pants wet. I googled it and it said you can have a weak bladder during your pregnancy. I was exactly 27 weeks pregnant. So I thought ‘crap I am like a 4 year old who wets her pants’. I didn’t tell my husband because I was ashamed of it and went back to bed. At 6:00 am and 8:00 am the same thing happened. At 8:30 I called my midwife. She came immediately.

I woke my husband and he jumped out of bed. To be honest I just called the midwife to hear it’s nothing bad, to be reassured. She came and ran a couple of test. My water had broken. I had to go to the hospital NOW! I had no idea what this meant and asked her if we  could still go on our vacation.

It was now 9:30 am and I was very hungry. So on our way to the hospital we stopped at McDonald’s, because I was sure it wasn’t a big deal and I would go to Egypt the next day. At the hospital they told me I had to stay there till the end of my pregnancy. What!! It was the first day of the 27th week of my pregnancy. They said 80% of the women have their child within 2 days after their water broke. Those were the most Horrible two days of my life. Or so I thought. But I made it.

Then they said it probably will happen within 2 weeks and that I had a big chance of having a child with a lot of health issues. I am a very down to earth and positive person. Instead of saying ‘oh why me’ I kept on saying ‘yes we survived one more day’.My family didn’t understand my ‘calmness’ but I was so grateful for every day I got with my baby boy still in my tummy. I loved being pregnant. I loved feeling him kicking me.

After one week I suddenly couldn’t breath very well. No one understood what was going on. They tested everything! Heart, lung, brain and about everything else they could think of was checked, but the best doctors couldn’t find what was wrong with me. I had to take oxygen. The max amount one can get. They were already planning a c section because my body couldn’t take it anymore. Just before they could take me to have a c section one doctor decided to wait the night. That doctor was my angel for sure. He thought my body would survive this. I hoped I would survive this. I cried so much that day. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t do anything on my one. I couldn’t even walk. That was the worse night of my life.

I kept on praying and talking to my little baby boy, saying that it’s so much nicer in mommy’s tummy. The next morning I could breathe on my own and I was back to 100% saturation. The doctors had no idea what was going on in my body and how I could recover from this just in one day.

I stayed for 6 weeks, in 3 different hospitals. Then all of a sudden I had contractions. I was 32,5 weeks pregnant when my beautiful baby boy Jonathan (Which means God has given) came in perfect health. The first week he stayed in an incubator. I was a mother but my baby wasn’t with me. I had to tell the nurse if I wanted to visit him. It didn’t feel right. I really broke down that first week. I wasn’t a mom. It felt wrong. I felt so ashamed that I wasn’t woman enough to have a normal pregnancy. My body wasn’t good enough. I failed.

Then I picked myself up and told myself I am his mom. I am his everything. He is my everything. The hospital allowed me to share a room with him after 5 days. After 3,5 weeks he came with us home. Finally home after 9 weeks in the hospital! Finally a family. Finally ‘normal’.

I wish if you read this and struggling with something, just have faith in tomorrow. It’s a gift if you get through another day. Miracles are still happening. My miracle has a name and that’s Jonathan.


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