LilySilk: Why you should use a Silk Pillowcase

Three weeks ago I started sleeping on a silk pillowcase. I had heard it was better for your hair and skin. As you know I have very thin hair that breaks easily and am obsessed with skincare. So I was very curious to try this beauty hack. I am so happy I did. If you want to know why, then keep on reading!

Before I go into the benefits I have experienced since sleeping on a silk pillowcase I wanted to tell you a little bit about LilySilk, which is where I got our cases. They specialize in high end Mulberry silk bedding and fashion products. They offer bedding sheets, baby sheets, comforters, pillows, sleepwear, underwear, scarves and sleep-related accessories (they provided me with a super soft eye mask).

The pillowcases come in three momme weights: 19 momme, 22 momme and 25 momme. We got the 19 momme, in a beautiful soft, powdery pink. They are incredibly soft, shiny and pretty. The pillowcases came in a sleek, sturdy box and where carefully wrapped.

Columns by Kari Silk Pillowcase
Columns by Kari Silk Pillowcase 2
Columns by Kari LilySilk

I wanted to try a silk pillowcase for two reasons. The first one was my hair. Because my hair is quite thin and I tend to sleep on my right side, my hairdresser noticed I had less hair on the right side of my head. The notion of ‘less hair’ nearly gave me a panic attack, so I was ready to try almost anything. The second reason is wrinkles. I am turning thirty on Monday and so far I think my skin is doing pretty well. But that is also because I take good care of it.

So here is what I noticed after three weeks of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. My hair is less frizzy and crazy-looking when I wake up. My hair is also less greasy (I now wash it every 4 to 5 days, instead of 3 to 4 days). I haven’t seen my hairdresser yet, so I don’t know about the “less hair-situation” yet. My skin is less creased and puffy when I wake up in the morning. I used to wake up with my pillowcase imprinted in my face, very charming, but not anymore.

Columns by Kari Silk Pillowcase 4

And there is a third benefit. One I did not expect and am still a little cautious about because I can’t be sure it’s (all) because of my silk pillowcase. But if you’ve read my ‘7 things you don’t know about me‘ -blog, you know I have a sleeping disorder. Besides waking up two to three times every night for Aya, I have been sleeping a lot better the past couple of weeks. I’ve had less trouble falling asleep and less hours waking up and staring at the ceiling. I don’t want to jinx it, but if a silk pillowcase is helping me sleep better I will never sleep on anything else again in my life.

LilySilk has online shops for the UK, USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Australia, France, Singapore, Russia, Spain and Canada. There is free shipping above 35 euro’s (NL), 40 dollars (USA), 45 dollars (CAN) and 30 pounds (UK). The delivery was fast and they have a no fuss return and exchange policy. I would definitely recommend LilySilk if you want to order your own silk pillowcases.

Thank you for reading!

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