Autumn Lookbook, part 1: Soft Neutral Colors

I love summer. I would be completely content if the seasons didn’t change. But they do, here in Dutchieland, so I make the most of it. Clothes help. A lot. A warm, cozy sweater, a soft, long scarf, the perfect boots. These things make autumn and winter kind of okay. But I have to say though, now that Isaya is in our lives, I don’t mind the cold as much. Every day is a day to look forward to now that she is here. I am so excited to see how she will grow, what she will learn and the things she will experience this coming fall. So, to celebrate the changing of the seasons, both literally and figuratively; here is part one of my autumn lookbook!

Find the Light

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We are easing into fall. I don’t want to go from jean shorts to black coats in one week. This long, soft, woolen cardigan is from Majestic Filatures. It is powder pink on the outside, off white on the inside and has two pockets. The top underneath is a woolen silk long sleeve from Hanro. I practically live in these in the winter time. The leggings are Michael Kors.They are made from a nice, thick material, have quilted panels on the knees and a little zipper on the ankle. The bag is a shoulder bag that can be made into a clutch. It’s a collaboration between Fred de la Bretoniere and the Dutch Harper’s Bazaar Editor-in-Chief, Cecile Narinx. The shoes are one of my favorite. I had been looking for nude boots for ages. Found them, once again, at Sam Edelman.

In a Split Second

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This Filippa-K skirt is supposed to be an A-line. But I’m not a 5″11 model (or any kind of model whatsoever), so it’s more like a maxi skirt to me. I like the split, the shiny fabric is soft and because it has an elastic band it’s very comfortable. The top is one of my new favorites, by one of my go-to brands Reiss. It’s a stretchy, rib top with a half turtle neck, in a nudie beige color that goes with pretty much anything. The cardigan is another Filippa-K and made from merino wool. The cross body bag is from Liebeskind and can be made into a clutch and also used as a wallet. It has LBK in gold letters on the front. I feel like I say this every time when I describe my shoes, but again: these are one of my favorites. They are these gorgeous Rachel Zoe booties, with a cuban heel and suede, pointed toes.

The Pink Ladies

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I always liked pink, but ever since Isaya was born I LOVE pink. Not the harsh, bright pinks, but the soft, powder, baby pinks. Is that like a thing? That as soon as you have a baby girl you want the whole world to be pink, so it matches the pink cloud you live on? Whatever the reason, these are some of my favorite pink items. Starting with this amazingly soft sweater from Repeat Cashmere. It has these cute, knitted details on the front and is made from a lovely wool blend. I can not recommend this brand enough.They know how to do Comfort, while still making you feel pretty. The jeans are Balmain. They were a big investment, but so worth it, because I love the color and the signature quilted panels. As you have seen in my Pencil Skirt blog, I like to pair these Hugo Boss shoes with this See by Chloé bag.

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