Favorite High End Nude Lipsticks

You probably know by now I love all things nude. Nude colored clothes, shoes, bags, nail polishes, lipsticks: yes, please! But there is another reason I have a lot of nude lipsticks. I have a big scar on my lip. So I can’t wear any darker shades, without accentuating my scar. So today I am sharing my favorite nude lipsticks with you guys, because I am in love with them! And also because I wanted to proof to my wife that Yes, they are all different and Yes, I need all of them (and more). She wasn’t convinced, but you, my fellow beauty lovers, you know what I am talking about! Enjoy!

Before I start: nude lipsticks look different on everyone, depending on your skin tone. I am very fair. For reference: I usually have the lightest or second lightest foundation. That will give you an idea of what the colors may look like with your own skin tone!

The Light Nude Lipsticks

Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 10
Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 4

These are the two lightest shades I have. The one on the left is the from Charlotte Tilbury: Kim KW. I love the idea of this shade and I love it on deeper skin tones (love it on Kim Kardashian). But it is too light for me. I hardly ever wear it on its own, because I kind of fades into my skin. I love it with a lipliner the color of my lips. The shade on the left is from MAC: the Cremesheen Creme Cup. At first I thought I wasn’t a big fan of the Cremesheen lipsticks from MAC, but I have a couple of other shades and I absolutely love them. So it’s not the formula, it’s the shade: it’s lighter and a lot more pink then my lips, so I only wear this lipstick with a lipliner.

The Coral Nude Lipsticks

Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 5
Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 11

The lipstick on the left is the MAC Blankety Amplified Lipstick. I am in love with it. It has a beautiful, buttery formula. It has both coral, brown and pink undertones. The lipstick on the right is another Charlotte Tilbury: Penelope Pink. It is the perfect coral nude. It’s not as creamy as the MAC lipsticks, but it does last a lot longer. Especially when you use a lipliner (Pillow Talk or Iconic Nude, from Charlotte Tilbury) underneath.

The Brown Nude Lipsticks

Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 12
Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 9

The one on the left is from YSL: the Rouge pur Couture nr. 10. I love the shade, it’s a beautiful brown nude. But I hate the smell and taste. I love YSL lipsticks: the way they feel, the packaging, how long they last. But seriously they all smell funky. On the right is a lovely brown nude from Shiseido: BE740. I’ve had this lipstick for ages and I keep coming back to it. It has a nice sheen to it and it is a great match for my lips.

The Dark Nude Lipsticks

Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 7
Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 8

As I mentioned in the into I don’t wear dark lipsticks all that often. When I do it’s either a Kylie Lipkit or one of these MAC Lipsticks. On the left is the MAC Modesty. The formula is amazing: super buttery, soft, creamy. The shade is ‘my lips but better’ and a little bit darker. It has a lovely red undertone. The lipstick on the right is the MAC Cremesheen Creme in your Cup. This is the darkest shade I own, so I only wear it at night. Again, amazing buttery formula. Love it.

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The Pink Nude Lipsticks

Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 14
Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 13

As I mentioned before I am in love with the YSL packaging. The YSL Rouge Voloupte Shine lipsticks are so beautiful, with the gold and pink. I don’t even care about the funky smell and taste anymore when I see them. My two favorite shades are the 44 and the 8. The 44 (on the left) is a little bit softer and, for my skin tone, the perfect pinky nude. The number 8 is a little bit darker and also very creamy and soft.

The All Time Favorite Nude Lipstick

Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 6

And then, my all time favorite: the MAC Hug me lipstick. I literally want to hug the person who made this. It is the exact colour of my lips, but so, so much better. This is the perfect everyday, “no make- up” lipstick.

The Lipliners

Columns by Kari Nude Lipsticks 3

I wanted to end this post with a quick mention of the lipliners I use underneath the lipsticks I’ve mentioned. I use three lipliners from the Kylie Lipkits: Dolce K, Maliboo and Candy K and two Lip Cheats from Charlotte Tilbury: Iconic Nude and Pillow Talk. They all make great combo’s for either of the eleven lipsticks.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I love nude lips, but a good red lip is really nice sometimes too. I understand your point though about the scar. It’s pretty hard to see, but if it’s something that bothers you, you wouldn’t feel comfortable. I think that you could definitely rock another colour lips, but you’re gorgeous either way!

    1. Thank you so much! And maybe you are right, maybe it’s time to try another colour as well 🙂 Thanks!

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