Goodbye Summer Outfits, part 1

I am an Island girl. I grew up in the Caribbean. So that meant summer outfits all year round, practically living on the beach, walking barefoot most of the time and no wintercoats or hailstones. Nobody likes to see summer end, but for me summer – even these crazy Dutch ones – is definitely the best time of the year. It’s only a matter of days before I have to say goodbye to my shorts, sandals and sunglasses. So here is a Goodbye Summer Outfit blog, celebrating some my favorite summer clothes. This is part one, you can expect part two very soon!

Ladies who Lunch

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Me and my girls like to go to lunch in the city on the weekend. When it comes to jean shorts there is only one brand for me and that is Levi’s. It reminds me of when I was young, in the Sun. The top is from Yaya, a really cool and affordable Dutch brand, with a lot of beautiful basics. The sunglasses are Prada. I love them, because they go with every outfit and fit the shape of my face. The sandals are Ancient Greek Sandals. They have such a cool website, with so many choices. You know how you shop online and think, ‘well, I like that one, but I want it in a slightly different color or design’? Go to their site, because that is exactly what they can offer. We took the Bugaboo to lunch, because we had to pick up some groceries on the way home. On days like that I usually take my DKNY backpack because it fits my wallet, diapers, food and any other essentials I need on a day out with my baby.

That Festival Vibe

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Friends, family, music, wine, sun: doesn’t that sound like the perfect day? I love small festivals because I don’t like to go to super crowded places with Isaya and I definitely don’t like to sleep in a tent. But luckily we have a couple of cool one-day festivals in Holland, that are super kid- friendly. Isaya wears noise canceling headphones so she can enjoy the music without damage being done. These are from a Dutch brand called Jippie and they also allow her to sleep in the babycarrier, an Ergobaby, during the day. Comfort is key on days like this. My shorts are a darker version of my other Levi’s shorts . The top is a silk one from Diesel Black Gold. It’s just a super soft, lose fit, cross back top that is actually quite long so I can style it in a couple of different ways. The sandals are so so pretty, because, you know, gold, so I’m sold. They are Rachel Zoe. I will definitely do a Fall blog on some of her shoes, because I’m in love.

What a Lovely Lake

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We went to a beautiful lake the other day. Aya had such a lovely time playing in the sand. I love to see her explore the world around her! I took ‘her’ bag, which is a Sandqvist bag. When I was pregnant I couldn’t find an actual diaper bag that I liked, so I went for something a little less conventional and to this day I have no regrets. I wore a Liebeskind dress, that isn’t really a dress, but a top. I bought it online and guessed the size (horribly) wrong, but forgot to return it. Love it as a dress though. The flats are also Liebeskind. They are my favorite ‘low-key’ alternative to my Hugo Boss ones. The sunglasses are the same Prada’s as before. And my bathing suite is Patrizia Pepe. If you have read my Office Outfits blog you know this is one of my favorite brands. Their clothes always make me happy.

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