Yoga with Isaya, day 3: Be Relaxed

Obviously you can’t avoid stress all the time, but it’s definitely important to keep tabs on your stress levels and destress on a daily basis. In this video I will show you how I use yoga to relax. ‘The secret’ to achieve a relaxed state of mind is to breathe! In & out and in & out and repeat. Breathing is a big part of my yoga practice. The other part is lying on the floor and hugging my baby, because let’s face it, that’s the best way to destress.

On days when I feel I need to slow down a bit I will incorporate these poses in my yoga routine. Or if I am low on energy and don’t feel like challenging myself too much I will just do these poses and leave it at that. I also did a lot of these poses when I was pregnant. It’s a very accessible routine, that is kind to the body and mind. Kindness is probably the second most important thing, after breathing, when it comes to practicing yoga. It’s so easy to condemn yourself, your body. Most of us set such high standards for ourselves, which is a huge cause of stress. This practice will help you lower the bar to a more realistic level and just relax. You are breathing, you are alive, you are fine.

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