Morning Skincare Routine

I like to keep my morning skincare routine simple. My face isn’t that dirty when I wake up. Not like in the evening when I have to get rid of make-up and traffic and just overall day-dirt. Also, I am a busy mama, so whatever me-time I have in the morning, I like to spend on make-up. But a clean face is definitely an important part of my make-up routine. If my face is dirty it will have a huge impact on how my foundation looks and feels on my skin. Cleansing my face is also a great way to feel awake, energized and ready to face the day. So without further ado, here is my morning skincare routine.

My Morning Skincare Routine

I wash my face with the ‘Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash’. It’s very soft and gentle on the skin. This face wash is for normal, oily and dry skin and takes care of exces oil while still protecting dry zones. Because I use the Clarisonic in the evening, I need a foamy face wash. This one is perfect for that. And because I always get cleansers in my eyes, I need something that respects my clumsiness and doesn’t hurt. I used the ‘Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser’ for a while, but that stuff was not so gentle on the eyes.

I do however love Clarins, so I still use their ‘Toning Lotion’ after washing my face. I have the Camomile one. It’s alcohol free, for normal to dry skin. It feels so refreshing and makes your skin feel very soft. And it smells delicious. I have used up three large bottles over the past year and a half and I am pretty sure I will repurchase it again when this one is empty (which is very soon as you can see).

For my mommy bags I use the ‘Origins No Puffery’, which is a cooling roll-on for puffy eyes. It de-puffs, takes care of dark circles and calms the skin. I haven’t been using it for that long, but it also feels like it tightens the skin a bit, which I like. This stuff makes me feel and look a little less tired after four hours of sleep. For my lips I use the pink ‘AOS Lip Balm’. The smell reminds me of the pink bubble gum I ate as a kid.

For face cream I have found something I am absolutely in love with. I have tried different day and night creams and the ‘Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream‘ is definitely my current favorite. It’s for normal to dry skin types.  Initially when I bought it I was a bit skeptical about the smell. That takes a little getting used to. But now I actually really love the smell. But the best part is how my skin feels after applying it; super soft. I hate thick creams that feel tacky on my face and take forever to sink into my skin. This lightweight formula is like a second, softer skin. Another thing I love about it is that it’s the perfect primer for my make-up. And on nights I don’t use and overnight mask I also use it as a night cream, because it’s very hydrating and has no SPF in it.My first jar is almost empty and I’ve already repurchased it.

If I Could Give You One Tip For the Future…

…Sunscreen would be it! I grew up in the Caribbean so unfortunately my skin is damaged by the sun. I would definitely recommend doing this.  Your skin, especially your face, is so vulnerable. I love the sun, but the damage it can do is no joke. I have tried different sunscreens, because I needed something that wouldn’t mess with my foundation. Most sunscreens, even the ones for the face, take forever to sink into my skin and make my skin feel oily. Also, as I said earlier I don’t like thick, tacky creams. So after trying out a lot of testers I found one I really like. It’s the ‘Clarins Sun Wrinkle Controle Cream For Face (SPF 50+)‘. The formula is great; it doesn’t have that sunscreen smell or feel, it goes well with make-up and doesn’t make my skin break out. It is for sensitive or sun-damaged skin and protects your skin from wrinkles and sun-induced age spots.

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