Talika: Beautiful Eye and Face Masks

From my evening skincare routine you know I’ve been loving the Talika Eye Dream for quite a while. In the same blog I mentioned I was on the lookout for some new face masks. I found some amazing ones, by Talika, that I would love to share with you!

The story of Talika started in 1948 when Danielle Roches discovered that the plant based cream she used to treat burns of soldier’s eyes, also stimulated the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. This resulted in the first Talika products: the lipocils. Talika became a worldwide expert in eye care. They focused on daily concerns of women: growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, and skin radiance. Nowadays Talika is not only and eyecare expert,  they also make products for face and body and light therapy devices.

Talika Overnight Eye Mask

I have been using my Talika Eye Dream for about a year now and I absolutely love it. According to the Talika website it regenerates the skin and prevents expression lines around the eyes. Considering that the eye creams I use during the day target puffiness and dark circles, I think it’s safe to say the Eye Dream does exactly what it says it should do. Nearing thirty I have hardly any lines around my eyes. (And mind you, I haven’t had a full night’s sleep for at least eighteen months!) I like that I can apply it with a little roll-on ball, because it’s cooling and I have this thing with scooping up cream from a jar. It is the perfect overnight eye mask for me.

Talika Sheet Masks

Columns by Kari Talika Sheet Masks

I tried three sheet masks from the Talika Bio Enzyms Masks. I believe they have seven different kinds of sheet masks, but I used the Hydrating mask, the Purifying mask and the Anti-aging mask.

I used the Hydrating mask when Isaya was released from the hospital after Christmas. We had just spent five days and nights inside of the hospital, with hardly any fresh air, so my skin was dull and dehydrated. I can honestly say this mask brought my face back to life.

Want to read more about Talika? Check out this post on their Eye Patches              or this one on the Lipocoursils for bigger brows.

The Purifying mask I tried when Aya was sick, a week later. (Yes, she just recovered from the RS virus only to get a nasty stomach virus a few days later, how I love winter…) So again, my face was suffering from a lack of fresh air and sleep. This mask is supposed to target spots, blackheads and skin imperfections. After leaving it on my face for twenty minutes my skin looked fresh, clear and clean.

My thirtieth birthday is in two weeks, so last night I tried the Anti-Aging mask, which is supposed to combat signs of aging. This morning I woke up with my face looking and feeling incredibly smooth and soft. The pores on my nose where almost invisible! Out of the three masks this one had the biggest impact on my skin. The Anti-Aging mask is the one I will definitely keep on using.


The masks have two protective films. The first time I applied the mask I struggled a little with the second filter. But the next time I used a mask it took me two seconds. The masks warm up quickly on your face and they are transparent and not white like a lot of sheet masks (you still look creepy though). The sheets don’t fit my face perfectly and don’t cover the sides of my nose, but I have these problems with every mask I’ve tried so far. With a wash off or clay mask you obviously have a lot more control over the application. I leave the masks on for about twenty minutes. I don’t wash off the residue but let it sink into my skin during the night. The next morning I just follow my usual morning skincare routine.

So, to sum it up for you, I would highly recommend trying a Talika product that works on the skin issues you are struggling with. A lot of online shops also sell Talika. I can’t wait to try more Talika products! I am very curious about the ‘mystical’ lipocil products and the therapy eye patches.

Thank you for reading!

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