Talika Eye Patch for Smooth Under Eyes

If you’ve read my Talika review on some of their eye- and facemasks you know I am a big Talika fan. After using and loving their masks for over a year, I got curious about some of their other products. One being the Eye Therapy Patch and the other the Eyebrow Lipocils Expert. Today I am reviewing the Talika Eye Patch, which is a reusable smoothing eye patch. I am also at the end of my six week Lipcils treatment for my eyebrows, so that review will be up soon as well!

The Talika Eye Therapy Patch targets wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. A box comes with 6 sets of two patches. You can reuse each patch three times. So basically, you get 18 eye masks. The box also comes with a nice, sturdy case with a little mirror inside, to hold the eye patches you are reusing. Talika claims the following about these patches on the package:

“Spectacular eye contour smoothing thanks to a unique formula with wheat germ oil, ceramides and shea butter. In 30 minutes wrinkles are smoothed and puffiness is reduced.”

I have been trying these patches for a month now. I have used up 4 sets, that I have reused 3 times each. So I have experienced the results of this product 12 times. And I will just jump straight into it: it is amazing. Literally mind-blowing what these patches do for my under eyes. You all know I am one tired mama. And I turned thirty this year. So I am no stranger to little wrinkles around my eyes and dark under eyes. But when I put on a patch and take it off after thirty minutes my under eyes look smooth, wrinkle free and “healthy”.

Talika Eye Pads

This not only makes me look less tired, but it also helps a lot with make-up application. Concealer and foundation crease less after I have used the patches, because it has fewer fine lines to settle in. It’s absolutely amazing.

The only disclaimer is: it doesn’t last. After a couple of days I find myself “in need” of a new patch. I don’t think this goes against the claims of this product: it doesn’t claim to make you younger or stop time. But it does help you look younger and feel less tired for a couple of days. I can imagine it helps slow down the inevitable process of wrinkles and fine lines as well. But it doesn’t reverse or stop it obviously.

It is the perfect beauty product to use right before you have an important day at work, a party or event or if you have had a couple of bad nights. The instant result is so satisfying.

So, now you know I am in love with this product and would highly recommend it, I will tell you a little bit more about the use of the patches. Each set of patches is packed individually. The patches are of a thick, yet supple and smooth material. They are not wet, like a sheet sheetmask. (They are also a lot thicker than a sheetmask.) And they are sticky. Like adhesive sticky. You put them on your clean skin for about 30 minutes. After you have used them, you put a protective plastic over the adhesive side and put the patches in the little case to reuse the next day.

You can order these patches on the Talika website. Or if you live in the Netherlands I would recommend you get them from Douglas, for €45,-.

Thank you for reading!

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