Grimms: Must Have Wooden Toys

We try to buy consciously when it comes to Aya’s toys. Obviously we want her to have toys she loves. Not just for a minute. But for years to come. We also want these toys to be sustainable so they can be loved for years and don’t contribute to the plastic soup. Toys that will grow up with her, are multi purposeful and stimulate her imagination. Over the past two years we have built a beautiful collection of wooden toys that she plays with on a daily basis. Grimms is indispensable in Aya’s toy collection. So if you are looking for high quality toys for your kids or for the perfect gift, then keep on reading.

Aya’s Favorite Grimms Wooden Toys

Grimms is one of our favorite brands when it comes to children’s toys. Everything they make is so beautiful, colorful and sustainable. Their designs are very simple which allows your child to use their imagination. The same piece of wood can be a boat, bed, car or a doorway. Their wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests and the paint they use is non- toxic.

It’s very easy to go a little crazy once you start buying Grimms toys. That’s why I’m sharing a couple of Aya’s favorites. Hopefully it will help you decide what to get for your own children or as a gift to someone else.

The Building Blocks

Building blocks where the first toys we bought when I was pregnant with Isaya. She can use them to build towers (and tear them down) and we make tables, chairs, bookcases and beds for her dollhouse with them. Like most of their toys the Grimms blocks are in all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. They have in all kinds of shapes and sizes. These building blocks can be used for many years and definitely worth the investment.

The Tower

This is such a great educational toy. The tower is a great way to practice her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. To put the discs in the ‘right’ order, from big to small, is quite a challenge. We also use the discs to build a couch and a staircase for her dollhouse. Aya has a little play toolbox and she likes to hammer the woorden nails into the discs from the towers.

Columns by KariGrimms Wooden Toys Rainbow
Columns by Kari Grimms ball

The Wooden Friends

The little wooden dolls are another big succes. There are twelve (we lost one unfortunately) and Aya absolutely loves them. They are the perfect size for her dollhouse but also the perfect shape for her little hands. She likes to carry them around the house all the time. They are truly her little friends.

The Rainbow

Another amazing multi purpose toy. You can use the rainbow  to build beautiful structures and on their own they function as cradles for her dolls, bridges, couches, tunnels and fences. With these Grimms toys you will never feel like the house is ‘a mess because of all the toys lying around’, because everything looks so pretty and colorful.

The Rolling Wheel

In comparison to the the building blocks, tower discs and rainbow tunnel Aya hasn’t played all that much with the rolling wheel. She pushed it around for a bit when she just learned how to crawl but she didn’t like the sound it made on the floor. We did get a lot of use out of it whenever it was time for her bottle. Aya had a phase where she refused the bottle (only boob was acceptable) so we used to rolling wheel to distract her. Worked like a charm.

Columns by Kari Cute Babies

The Rainbow Ball

We can not walk past a store that has balls, balloons or other round shaped objects without Aya laughing and pointing excitedly. This soft rainbow ball was her first ball and is still very well loved. It has a little bell inside and I sowed velcro on one side so she could stick it on her playing carpet.

There were also a couple of toys we bought her from Gimms that she didn’t really enjoy as much as the rest. Aya never used a teething ring. She put everything else in her mouth, but her Grimms teehting ring was consistently ignored every time she was teething. Aya also wasn’t too impressed with her rattle fish because it didn’t make an interesting sound. So the cause and effect payoff just wasn’t worth it.

I can’t wait to expand Aya’s Grimms collection. Now that she is getting a little older I have my eye on the magnet puzzles. They also have so many toys for older kids and beautiful letters and numbers for when she will learn how to spell and count.

With the Store Locator on the Grimms website, you can find a store near you or online shop that sells Grimms toys.

Thank you for reading!

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