How to Tame Thin & Frizzy Hair + 20% Discount Code

I was going to call this post “How to Style Thin & Frizzy Hair”, but let’s face it: taming is really the best we frizzy haired girls can do. I have the unruliest of unruly hair: not completely straight, not completely curly and very, very thin. If I don’t take care of it properly it has two states: fluffy or greasy. Over the years I have learned what products and techniques work for hair like this. So if any of this sounds familiar then keep on reading. There is also a discount code from Mont Bleu at the end of this post!

Step 1

I wash my hair two times a week, using Aveda shampoo and conditioner, from the Invati line. This shampoo is natural, cruelty free and designed to strengthen thin hair. The key to thin & frizzy hair is not to wash you hair too often.

Step 2

Thin hair gets tangled crazy fast. Using the Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment I gently comb through my hair with my fingers, detangling it and nourishing my hair with the argan oil infused treatment. This oil is the only hair product that doesn’t make thin hair instantly greasy and heavy.

Step 3

Next I comb my hair with my beautiful new hair brush from Mont Bleu. It is decorated with stunning pink and white Swarovsky crystals. I am in love with this brush. It makes brushing my hair so much easier and enjoyable! Owning a good quality hair brush is important for every hair type, but especially when you have difficult hair.

Step 4

The treatment oil from Moroccan oil is also a heat protector. I tend to air dry my hair to spare it the heat, but because that also aggravates the frizziness I do blow dry it after I have washed my hair (so twice a week). When you have thin hair, blow dry your hair upside down, to give it a bit of volume. I comb through my hair during this proces, with my Sakura brush.

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Learn more about my full Hair Care Routine: Tips for Thin and Damaged Hair!

Step 5

After blow drying my hair I tend to look like a big fluffball, so the next step is straightening my hair. I use the Moroccan Oil Heat Styling Protector to protect my hair from the heat of the styling tool. I divide my hair into sections and spray a little bit of the product on each section, before I straighten it. Be extra careful not to keep the straightener on too long if you have thin and damaged hair.

Step 6

Next I do my makeup (I always do my makeup after I do my hair, so I don’t get hair products on my makeup or ruin my makeup with the heat from the blow dryer/ straightener!) and then comb trough my hair one more time before I head out the door.

This is how I style my hair once or twice a week. The other days I don’t wash, blow dry and straighten my hair, to spare it. If you want to know what else I do to take care of my thin and damaged hair, then check out my hair care routine!

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