Hair Care Routine: Tips for Thin Damaged Hair

My hair…For the longest time I could not talk about my hair without sighing. My hair is thin and frizzy, it breaks super easily, I have all these weird curls that have no self-control or sense of decorum and it grows tantalizingly slow. That is, if I don’t take care of it. Because I hated my hair so badly I used to ignore it. I would use whatever shampoo and conditioner was on sale, visit a hair salon only once a year and wear my hair in a bun all the time. When I was pregnant with Isaya my hair got a lot thicker. After I had given birth it went back to it’s sad and annoying pre-pregnancy state. But this time I was not prepared to give up. I made a few changes, upped my hair care routine and I have to say, I am genuinely impressed with the results. Also, all of these products are cruelty free!

Hair Care Step 1 – Wash and Condition Once/Twice a Week

Because my hair is very thin every bit of dirt and oil will make it greasy. I used to wash my hair on a daily basis, because of this. Patience, perseverance and Aveda helped me change this. Since I started to use the Invati line from Aveda my hair has gotten thicker and fuller. Invati means ‘invigorate’ in Sanskriet. Aveda uses the age-old wisdom and power of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. This stuff works. It also smells delicious due to the use Ayurvedic herbs. The Invati line has ginseng and organic turmeric in it.

Hair Care Step 2 – Treat Daily

Who doesn’t love Moroccanoil. It smells delicious, the story behind the brand is inspiring and empowering and the products are amazing. I use quite a few Moroccanoil products. The first one is their Treatment Light. Literally every oil I have ever tried has made my hair greasy and some even made me break out, but not this one! It can be used to detangle and style your hair. It leaves your hair feeling smooth, keeps the frizz under control and conditions split ends. A little bit goes a long way, one pump a day keeps the frizz away.

Hair Care Step 3 – Protect Twice a Week

I don’t straighten my hair every day, because obviously I don’t want to cause my hair any unnecessary stress. I do however like my hair better when it’s straight, so I use this Heat Styling Protection from Moroccanoil whenever I use my straightening iron. It protects your hair from the heat and gives it a nice, glossy finish. It nourishes and prevents breakage and split ends. And of course it has that amazing Moroccanoil smell.

Hair Care Step 4 – Keep up Twice a Week

One or two days before I wash my hair it gets greasy. Dry shampoo is my savior on those days. A few sprays and poof my hair feels and looks clean and healthy. There is rice in the formula, which absorbs the oil. Like all the Moroccanoil products it is organ-oil infused and as with the Treatment they have a product for light hair and one for dark hair. If I was going on a trip and could only bring one hair product, this would definitely be it.

Hair Care Step 5 – Spoil Once a Week

Remember my evening skincare routine? I wrote I don’t like to use masks I have to leave on my face for ten to twenty minutes and then take off.  Same goes for hair. I don’t understand the logistics and advantages of a hair mask that leaves you standing in the shower, waiting four minutes, before you can rinse it out. So an overnight hair mask is the only solution for me. I use almond oil and organ oil from Natural Heroes for this purpose. Almond oil is recommended for thin hair, because it doesn’t weigh it down. Argan oil is this magical super oil, so I either mix the two together or use them on their own.

Other Hair Care Tips for Thin and Damaged Hair

Try not to touch your hair too much. I have this thing where I am constantly going
though my hair with my fingers, styling it, putting stubborn pieces back into place. This only makes my hair greasier. So, no touching.

Lay off the tools. The heat of blow drying and styling tools is killing for thin, damaged hair.

Invest in good styling tools and brushes. If you are going to blow dry, straighten or curl your hair, try to prioritize so you can go for quality. Same goes for hair brushes.

Stay away from hair coloring. When I was a teen I colored my hair every few weeks. I’ve had black, brown, red and super blond hair. It pretty much changed with the seasons. It was absolutely devastating for my hair.

Pre-plan your hair appointments. One thing that keeps me going back to may hair salon is pre-planned appointments. Because they are already in my calendar I don’t have to think about it or come up with excuses not to call for an appointment.

Choose a salon that makes you feel amazing. If you have thin hair that doesn’t grow very fast you don’t have to go and get it cut every two months. Three or four times a year is fine. This saves you some money, which you can now invest in a really good salon. I used to go to this kind of tacky place, with loads of screaming kids and loud customers, because it was close to my house and I didn’t need an appointment. I hated it. I sought out a hair salon that sells Aveda and Moroccanoil and has a relaxing, spa-like vibe. The hairdressers really know their stuff and respect my boundaries when it comes to chitchat. Going to get my hair done has become a treat instead of a burden.

 Thank you for reading!

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