What I am Wearing: Fitmom | October

Chances are, if you bump into me in the street, this is what I am wearing. Or a variating of this outfit. Yes, I am one of those people that hasn’t seen the inside of a gym in over ten years, but wears sports leggings and sneakers on a daily basis. That #fitmom look. It’s just so easy and comfortable, yet it still looks put together. Especially when you team them up with a cashmere jumper. So here we go, my October version of What I am Wearing: the ‘Fitmom’ Edition.

So, this is my on-the-go mom uniform:

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This outfit allows me to:

a. Be comfortable

c. Run after my 2 y/o

d. Carry my baby on my back for hours

e. Ride my bike

f. Be warm

g. Look like i’ve got my sh*t together

h. Take naps in it with my toddler

So even though I haven’t been to the gym in ages (and have no desire and energy to join one in the near or far future), I love this outfit.

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Columns by Kari Fitmom Lookbook 7

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