Empties part 7: What (not) to buy next

I almost forgot to put up an empties post this month. But I do have quite a few used up products to share with you, so I scheduled in an extra blogpost this week. It’s time to rummage through my trash and discuss this months beauty recommendations! If you want to know what (not) to buy next, then keep on reading!

Shower Empties

Weleda Lavender Shower Gel

I talked about this product in my Mommy and Baby Cruelty Free Shower Routine. There are a thousand shower gels out there and so many of them are amazing. Yet there are only a few I tend to come back to every now and then. The Weleda Lavender Shower Gel is one of those products. It’s just a really lovely shower gel, with a beautiful scent and a nice price. I highly recommend it.

Zarqa 3 in 1 Baby Shampoo

I love this product! I bought it for all my mom friends that gave birth last year. It is super sensitive and soft on the skin and there is no crap in Zarqa products. The only thing that’s a bit inconvenient is the packaging: the product doesn’t come out that easily and the cap doesn’t close well. But still, highly recommend it!

Zarqa Baby Products

Dove Deodorant

Such a random empty, but I wanted to put it in the post, because we have about a dozen of these. I’ve been using Dove rollers for about 3,5 years now. I didn’t want to use sprays anymore, when I became pregnant. And Dove has deliciously smelling deodorants. But! Not cruelty free. So we are using them up and are on the lookout for some good cruelty free options.

Dove deodorant


Makeup Empties

Maybelline Anti-age Eraser Concealer

I recently used this product in my Five Product Makeup Routine and recommended it on many occasions. It really is a very good drugstore concealer. But, unfortunately Maybelline is no long on my to-buy list: it is not a cruelty free brand, so I no longer recommend it. If you are looking for a great, affordable alternative try the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer!

Maybelline and Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss

As you can see I didn’t use up this lip gloss. I’ve had it for quite a few years and it is a lovely lipgloss. One of those that give a little menthol sting after applying it. But it’s not cruelty free, it’s overpriced and I didn’t get the use out of it. It’s out of date and a bit dirty, so throwing it out and not ever buying it again. If you want a good, affordable lip gloss check out this post (Dutch).

Skincare Empties

Yes to Grapefruit Facial Wipes

I mentioned these wipes in one of my previous empties and in my recent cruelty free skincare routine. They are really lovely. I do prefer the Cucumber wipes over the Grapefruit wipes. If you are looking for natural make up remover wipes I suggest you say “Yes to” these.

Yes to Grapefruit

NUXE exfoliating face scrub

I used to love NUXE and then they broke my heart by not being cruelty free. I’m no longer going to dwell on them though, I have found so many great alternatives. My new exfoliating scrub is actually more effective and smells nicer. So, bye bye NUXE.

Nuxe Face scrub

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

Another product I’ve talked about many, many times over the past 1,5 years on this blog. This was my last jar. I’ve used it all up, said my goodbyes and moved on to better face creams. Until they decide to become a 100% cruelty free brand I no longer recommend Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

Nail Empties

L’oreal Nail Polish Remover

Another pretty random empty. Nail polish remover is one of those products I buy once every three years, because I don’t use them that often. I chose this one with aceton – which I know isn’t good for your nails, but I needed something to take off my red nail polish. It works, but ruins your nails and L’oreal is also on the no-buy list. So I don’t recommend this product. I will do a cruelty free nail routine soon and come up with a great alternative!

L'oreal Nail Polish Remover

Thank you for reading!

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